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List your data and API on our marketplace

It takes 10 seconds to request your data or API to get listed on our marketplace. We will do all the work for you and send the clients directly your way. 

Listing API endpoints

On our site, we list each endpoint as a separate product, under the umbrella of your company. Giving clients exactly the information they are looking for.


Finding API customers

You are able to contact all clients who have shown interest in your API services in order to help provide them with a smooth signup process.


Our procedure for listing an API

API listings on our marketplace

Our approach is to make it easy and clear for potential clients, to find the data that they are looking for. This is why we build a service page for each endpoint that your business provides. Taking this approach, we provide the exact answer to what someone is looking for. 

Developers using our data platform

The developers who are looking for data on our data platform have a high conversion rating due to what we mentioned previously, our exact answer approach. Although it is not excessively complex, it does cause some annoyance to have to go through different data providers to find out if they provide exactly the data that developers need. We make this very clear, immediately showcasing the data that is provided through the APIs so that the client knows if it answers the problems in their case.

Data categories covered on the Marketplace

Worldindata currently covers 1000+ data categories, with data providers in each category. We continue to add more categories so that we can refine the search results constantly. This will allow us to answer the data desires of developers more accurately than any other API marketplace out there. 

Send us your documentation page and we will do all the work