Property Building Permits API

Attom property building permits API for getting basic property information and building permits detail
This Attom property building permits API delivers data with the purpose of getting basic property information and building permits detail. The data is used by small business, medium business and enterprises, certain examples of the type of company that uses it are property listing platforms and websites, real-estate analysts, accommodation services and more. The customers use it in the real-estate, hospitality, accommodation, property listing, and more sector. It is usually exciting to read about new platforms which use this real estate building permits data, it is possible to think of some business cases with this data but certain ideas are; analyzing real estate and property listing rates and similar. Developers always find new ways to take advantage of the data from the API and create new projects with it. This database is available for the US. With this system clients may filter determined by accept, address1 and address2 to obtain the response output clients would like.

Property Building Permits API endpoints

GET /property/buildingpermits
In order to obtain a data response like in the response output of the example, customers need to communicate with the property building permits API endpoint by sending a GET data request to the endpoint; /property/buildingpermits with the required object parameters. To be able to receive the response required, use the parameters and objects as described in the object table. Put the endpoint into the URL to make the request. All leading coding languages work with the data output. You simply need to connect the personal API key as an endpoint parameter and you can begin receiving data.

Property building permits API filters

The property building permits API has the following filtering parameters available that you can use.

Data objects for property building permits API

Generate a data request with the applicable parameters and make use of the table to interpret the objects with their description.
Objects Description
etc etc

Property building permits output response

In the code box you are able to see the output response example. Sign-up to the complete data response because this being limited to be able to make it readable.
  "status": {
    "version": "1.0.0",
    "code": 0,
    "msg": "SuccessWithResult",
    "total": 1,
    "page": 1,
    "pagesize": 10,
    "transactionID": "74d5e6c62c35e54d8467ff3d4fefb4df"
  "property": [
      "identifier": {
        "Id": 184713191,
        "fips": "08031",
        "apn": "02192-04-018-000",
        "attomId": 184713191
      "lot": {
        "lotSize1": 0.1076676
      "address": {
        "country": "US",
        "countrySubd": "CO",
        "line1": "4529 WINONA CT",
        "line2": "DENVER, CO 80212",
        "locality": "DENVER",
        "matchCode": "ExaStr",
        "oneLine": "4529 WINONA CT, DENVER, CO 80212",
        "postal1": "80212",
        "postal2": "2512",
        "postal3": "C037"
      "location": {
        "accuracy": "Rooftop",
        "latitude": "39.778926",
        "longitude": "-105.047775",
        "distance": 0,
        "geoId": "CO08031, CS0891007, DB0803360, ND0000119198, ND0004861239, PL0820000, SB0000076114, SB0000076155, SB0000076161, SB0000135819, SB0000143772, ZI80212",
        "geoIdV4": {
          "PL": "7de845f7ba9b234a2c5adfca1db76c64",
          "ZI": "0149d0a55ef2d6b71071a39f4e13d6eb",
          "CS": "4c0507d0d7894d2d48e4e03e1c0240fc",
          "N1": "b26d02d9330761156fc0cfd4ed8bf9a1",
          "N2": "27e220314436f6edd5e606ddcd28156d"
      "summary": {
        "propClass": "Single Family Residence / Townhouse",
        "propSubType": "Residential",
        "propType": "SFR",
        "yearBuilt": 1900,
        "propLandUse": "SFR",
        "propIndicator": 10
      "building": {
        "size": {
          "universalSize": 934
        "rooms": {
          "bathsTotal": 1,
          "beds": 2
      "buildingPermits": [
          "effectiveDate": "2013-04-04",
          "permitNumber": "00347672",
          "jobValue": 2000,
          "fees": 35,
          "businessName": "Doctor Fix-it Plumbing, Heating & Electr",
          "homeOwnerName": "Stcherbak,lidia"
          "effectiveDate": "2017-05-17",
          "permitNumber": "2016-ELEC-0004720",
          "status": "withdrawn",
          "description": "R/r air conditioning",
          "type": "Electrical permit",
          "projectName": "Electrical Permit",
          "fees": 20,
          "businessName": "Positively Electric INC",
          "homeOwnerName": "Mattice,michael Scott"
          "effectiveDate": "2016-05-27",
          "permitNumber": "2016-MECH-0003896",
          "status": "final",
          "description": "R/r air conditioning",
          "type": "Mechanical permit",
          "projectName": "Mechanical Permit",
          "fees": 59,
          "businessName": "Seasonal Comfort Systems LLC",
          "homeOwnerName": "Mattice,michael Scott"
          "effectiveDate": "2016-06-17",
          "permitNumber": "2015-ROOFSIDE-0014621",
          "status": "final",
          "description": "Re/re: 4529 winona ct",
          "type": "Roofing and siding permit",
          "projectName": "Roofing Permit",
          "fees": 91,
          "businessName": "Reitz Roofing INC",
          "homeOwnerName": "Mattice,michael Scott"
          "effectiveDate": "2017-09-22",
          "permitNumber": "2017-ROOFSIDE-0013232",
          "status": "final",
          "description": "Tear off existing material house and garage redeck garage only and reroof house and garage. Pitch 7 & 3/12 (ice and water all)",
          "type": "Roofing and siding permit",
          "projectName": "Aca Roofing Permit",
          "jobValue": 9447,
          "fees": 99,
          "businessName": "J&K Roofing INC",
          "homeOwnerName": "Mattice,michael Scott"
          "effectiveDate": "2015-06-04",
          "permitNumber": "2013-MECH-0000347672",
          "status": "issued",
          "type": "Mechanical permit",
          "projectName": "Permit # 00347672",
          "fees": 35,
          "businessName": "Doctor FIX IT Plumbing Heating &E",
          "homeOwnerName": "Stcherbak, Lidia"
          "effectiveDate": "2018-11-30",
          "permitNumber": "2018-ELEC-0014039",
          "status": "final",
          "description": "200 amp service change and 50 amp sub-panel to garage",
          "type": "Electrical permit",
          "projectName": "Aca Electrical Permit",
          "jobValue": 4000,
          "fees": 51,
          "businessName": "Positively Electric INC",
          "homeOwnerName": "Mattice,michael Scott"
      "vintage": {
        "lastModified": "2022-01-24",
        "pubDate": "2022-04-14"

Software development kits

The data output via the API system is provided in JSON format and software development kits are available upon request for all leading programming languages e. G. Python, Javascript, Swift, JAVA, Angular, NodeJS, R, C#, PHP, Ruby, VueJS, Strest, Rust, Go, Scala and JQuery. Simply filter the property building permits API using any of the filter attributes start using the SDKs to build the platform.

Property Building Permits API pricing

Contact the API provider to inquire into access to samples and trials of the API so that you can try the data ahead of deciding to buy the complete API access. The trial is not unlimited but should be able to provide you with a decent idea of the complete system.

API cost and pricing

Attom data access is ready to purchase inclusive of API documentation and provider support.
Price upon request

Free Trial

Free trial is available

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