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Job Title Enrichment API

Job title enrichment API for enriching job titles by People Data Labs
This job title enrichment API made by People Data Labs maintains data with the purpose of enriching job titles. There are countless systems that are being developed using the job title enrichment data. Programmers continue to come with new ideas to use the data, here we have certain possible cases; building HR tools, talent acquisition, research, job analysis and more and most certainly there are much more clients can realise. Clients are able to filter this API to get the output based on job_title, pretty, api_key and titlecase. The database has global data coverage available. Several ideas of the type of company that uses the API are talent and HR agents, human resources representatives, researchers, job analysts and more, usually they can be small business, medium business and enterprises in the human resources, research, talent acquisition and similar industry.

Job Title Enrichment API endpoints

GET /v5/job_title/enrich/
Connect to the job ttitle API endpoint; /v5/job_title/enrich/ by sending a GET request for information to the endpoint using the the possible parameters and receive the response as in the example data. This endpoint is used for enriching job titles. The API documentation works with all leading programming languages, just add the API key parameter to the data endpoint URL and set it to your personal key to begin receiving the required data. To be able to obtain the response required, use the parameters and objects as described in the object and description table. To make data request, place the endpoint into the URL field.

Job title enrichment API parameters

Below you will find the available filters for the job title enrichment API.

API attributes for job title enrichment data

Make use of the object table to clarify the objects with their description and make an API call with the parameters applicable.
Objects Description
cleaned_job_title The job title that matches the API input job_title after passing it through our internal job title cleaner.
similar_job_titles A list of up to five other job titles.
relevant_skills A list of up to five of the most contextually-similar skills to the cleaned_job_title, determined using our global resume data.

Job title enrichment output response

Opt-in for the API system to request the complete data responsebut customers can already see an example of the response output here.
  "cleaned_job_title": "supply manager",
  "similar_job_titles": [
    "senior supply manager",
    "supply chain manager",
    "supply specialist",
    "supply supervisor",
    "supply coordinator"
  "relevant_skills": [
    "supply management",
    "spend analysis",
    "supplier development",
    "demand planning",
    "strategic sourcing"

Software development kit

Use whichever of the filter attributes to choose the job title enrichment data that is necessary. The API provides response in JSON format and for programming languages such as; PHP, Javascript, Angular, JQuery, JAVA, R, C#, NodeJS, Python, Ruby, VueJS, Strest, Swift, Rust, Go and Scala there are software development kits available, now just ask for it and it will be sent by email shortly.

Job Title Enrichment API pricing

Trials and samples are freely available if requested, just make contact and inquire for it. Customers should be able to get access to the job title enrichment data and see if this is exactly that what customers are looking for. After examinating the data, people can determine if they are ready to continue with the premium version.

API cost and pricing

You may immediately access People Data Labs API with the price tag set monthly from $99 or contact the provider to have more insight now.
Option Price
Monthly subscription From $99/month
Variable pricing no

Free Trial

Free trial is available

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