Pollen API

Pollen API for accessing real-time pollen count data by Ambee
This Ambee pollen API provides data for the purpose of accessing real-time pollen count data. It is usually interesting to read about new projects that use the pollen conditions data, it is possible to think of some use cases with the API but a few examples are; applications, website plugins, life quality index analysis, city planning, environment and climate change analysis and more. Programmers frequently realise new ways to make something with the data from the API system and build something new with it. The API is available for Europe, North America and ANZ. The API is used by small business, medium business and enterprises, the clients use the data in the health, life quality and environment industry. Certain ideas of the type of business that uses the data are health platforms, life quality analysts, environment platforms and more. When filtering the API based on the lat, lng and speciesRisk you will get the output which you need for your system.

Pollen API endpoints



To be able to use the API system for accessing real-time pollen count data, you should communicate to the API endpoint; /latest/pollen/by-lat-lng to obtain a similar response like in the example data output. Input the endpoint into the URL to execute the data request. Using the API key parameter and setting it to your private key, you can start receiving data working with any of the leading programming languages. For the appropriate parameters and objects, check the object and description table of the pollen API that describes it.

Filters for pollen API

Find below the filter methods applicable in relation to the pollen data.

API objects for pollen data

Make an API call with the parameters applicable and use the table to interpret the objects with their associated description.
Objects Description
lat Requested location latitude
lng Requested location longitude
grass_pollen Pollen grains from grass. Measuring unit is pollen particles/m3
tree_pollen Pollen grains from trees. Measuring unit is pollen particles/m3
weed_pollen Pollen grains from weeds. Measuring unit is pollen particles/m3
grass_pollen Risk values for grass pollen
tree_pollen Risk values for trees pollen
weed_pollen Risk values for weed pollen
updatedAt Update timestamp of the data

Pollen API response output

Sign-up for the API to call the full data responsebut clients can already see an example of the output here.
					{\n  "id": 550,\n  "cast": [\n    {\n      "adult": false,\n      "gender": 2,\n      "id": 819,\n      "known_for_department": "Acting",\n      "name": "Edward Norton",\n      "original_name": "Edward Norton",\n      "popularity": 7.861,\n      "profile_path": "/5XBzD5WuTyVQZeS4VI25z2moMeY.jpg",\n      "cast_id": 4,\n      "character": "The Narrator",\n      "credit_id": "52fe4250c3a36847f80149f3",\n      "order": 0\n    },\n    {\n      "adult": false,\n      "gender": 2,\n      "id": 287,\n      "known_for_department": "Acting",\n      "name": "Brad Pitt",\n      "original_name": "Brad Pitt",\n      "popularity": 20.431,\n      "profile_path": "/cckcYc2v0yh1tc9QjRelptcOBko.jpg",\n      "cast_id": 5,\n      "character": "Tyler Durden",\n      "credit_id": "52fe4250c3a36847f80149f7",\n      "order": 1\n    },\n    {\n      "adult": false,\n      "gender": 1,\n      "id": 1283,\n      "known_for_department": "Acting",\n      "name": "Helena Bonham Carter",\n      "original_name": "Helena Bonham Carter",\n      "popularity": 14.399,\n      "profile_path": "/mW1NolxQmPE16Zg6zuWyZlFgOwL.jpg",\n      "cast_id": 6,\n      "character": "Marla Singer",\n      "credit_id": "52fe4250c3a36847f80149fb",\n      "order": 2\n    },\n    {\n      "adult": false,\n      "gender": 2,\n      "id": 7470,\n      "known_for_department": "Acting",\n      "name": "Meat Loaf",\n      "original_name": "Meat Loaf",\n      "popularity": 2.67,\n      "profile_path": "/k9tJGdMkzOe17YH2ZCQjNnX5YLz.jpg",\n      "cast_id": 7,\n      "character": "Robert \"Bob\" Paulson",\n      "credit_id": "52fe4250c3a36847f80149ff",\n      "order": 3\n    },\n    {\n      "adult": false,\n      "gender": 2,\n      "id": 7499,\n      "known_for_department": "Acting",\n      "name": "Jared Leto",\n      "original_name": "Jared Leto",\n      "popularity": 7.845,\n      "profile_path": "/ca3x0OfIKbJppZh8S1Alx3GfUZO.jpg",\n      "cast_id": 30,\n      "character": "Angel Face",\n      "credit_id": "52fe4250c3a36847f8014a51",\n      "order": 4\n    },\n    {\n      "adult": false,\n      "gender": 2,\n      "id": 7471,\n      "known_for_department": "Acting",\n      "name": "Zach Grenier",\n      "original_name": "Zach Grenier",\n      "popularity": 2.829,\n      "profile_path": "/fSyQKZO39sUsqY283GXiScOg3Hi.jpg",\n      "cast_id": 31,\n      "character": "Richard Chesler",\n      "credit_id": "52fe4250c3a36847f8014a55",\n      "order": 5\n    },\n    {\n      "adult": false,\n      "gender": 2,\n      "id": 7497,\n      "known_for_department": "Acting",\n      "name": "Holt McCallany",\n      "original_name": "Holt McCallany",\n      "popularity": 4.303,\n      "profile_path": "/a5ax2ICLrV6l0T74OSFvzssCQyQ.jpg",\n      "cast_id": 32,\n      "character": "The Mechanic",\n      "credit_id": "52fe4250c3a36847f8014a59",\n      "order": 6\n    },\n    {\n      "adult": false,\n      "gender": 2,\n      "id": 7498,\n      "known_for_department": "Acting",\n      "name": "Eion Bailey",\n      "original_name": "Eion Bailey",\n      "popularity": 5.407,\n      "profile_path": "/hKqfGq1sPhZdQOlto0bS3igFZdP.jpg",\n      "cast_id": 33,\n      "character": "Ricky",\n      "credit_id": "52fe4250c3a36847f8014a5d",\n      "order": 7\n    },\n    {\n      "adult": false,\n      "gender": 2,\n      "id": 7472,\n      "known_for_department": "Acting",\n      "name": "Richmond Arquette",\n      "original_name": "Richmond Arquette",\n      "popularity": 2.797,\n      "profile_path": "/qpKZQn71Fwk6Gm1WZHL9IpVmcyO.jpg",\n      "cast_id": 34,\n      "character": "Intern",\n      "credit_id": "52fe4250c3a36847f8014a61",\n      "order": 8\n    },\n...

Software development kit

It is a JSON API and in case customers would like software development kits, those are available for PHP, Javascript, Angular, JQuery, JAVA, R, C#, NodeJS, PHP, Python, Ruby, VueJS, Strest, Swift, Rust, Go and Scala. Just ask for it and they should be sent. Begin using the filter objects and use the output with the software development kits and develop the platform.

Pollen API pricing

Samples and trials are available if requested, just get in contact and ask for it. You will be able to use the pollen count API and see if it is exactly what you are searching for. After testing the data, people can decide if they are ready to continue with the paid version.

Cost of this API

The API by Ambee is accessible with secure payment and immediate access to get data.
Price upon request

Free Trial

Free trial is available

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