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API Ninjas air quality API for getting the latest air quality information for any city or geographic location in the world
Access the data created by API Ninjas and adopt the air quality API with the goal of getting the latest air quality information for any city or geographic location in the world. The API covers global data. People use the API in the environment and weather industry. Certain examples of the type of business using it are environment-related websites, weather platforms, climate change organizations and more, usually they are small business, medium business and enterprises. Programmers who use the air quality index API, use it for many possible use cases, several of which are; website plugins, applications, environment and climate change related platforms, weather and climate change analytics and more. The options are boundless of course and it is sure that alternative business cases occur, so experiment with the API for your business case and it should be intriguing to read what will be made with it. You can filter this data to get the response determined by lat, lon, city, state and country.

Air Quality API endpoints



To get a data response like in the example output, you need to communicate with the air pollution data endpoint by sending a GET data request to the endpoint; /v1/airquality with the right object parameters. To make the request, place the data endpoint into the browser. For the possible parameters and objects, check the table of the air quality API which explains it all. All leading programming languages function with the data output. Customers simply need to attach the personal key as an endpoint parameter and customers can begin receiving data.

Filter methods for air quality data

Find here the filtering parameters available for the air quality data.

Data objects for air quality API

Get the data output from the API by using the different parameters available and the table to interpret the objects.
Objects Description
overall_aqi Overall air quality index
CO Carbon monoxide values (concentration and aqi)
PM10 PM10 particulates values (concentration and aqi)
SO2 Sulphur dioxide values (concentration and aqi)
PM2.5 PM2.5 particulates values (concentration and aqi)
O3 Ozone values (concentration and aqi)
NO2 Nitrogen dioxide values (concentration and aqi)

Output response of air quality API

In the code box clients may see the response output example. Subscribe to the complete response due to this being limited to be able to make it readable.
  "overall_aqi": 55,
  "CO": {
    "concentration": 223.64,
    "aqi": 2
  "PM10": {
    "concentration": 3.62,
    "aqi": 3
  "SO2": {
    "concentration": 5.13,
    "aqi": 7
  "PM2.5": {
    "concentration": 1.82,
    "aqi": 5
  "O3": {
    "concentration": 60.8,
    "aqi": 55
  "NO2": {
    "concentration": 9.68,
    "aqi": 12

Software development kits

There are software development kits accessible to assist the designing of your platform, just request them and they will be emailed. After this use the filter attributes to choose the required output for you and with the air pollution API output in JSON your system should be clear to develop.

Air Quality API pricing

Trials and samples are freely available upon request, simply write an email and request it. You should be able to access the air pollution API and check if it is exactly that what you are searching for. After examinating the API, people can decide if they are ready to move on with the premium version.

API cost and pricing

Air Quality API by API Ninjas is accessible monthly from $9 with 3D secure payment option and prompt access to get data.
Option Price
Monthly subscription From $9/month
Variable pricing no

Free Trial

Free trial is available

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