List Payments API

Apideck list payments API for fetching payment information of a customer upon integration
The Apideck list payments API has data for fetching payment information of a customer upon integration. The data is used by small business, medium business and enterprises, the customers use the data in the sales, ecommerce, business intelligence, accounting, SaaS and more industry. Several examples of the type of business who uses the data are companies and businesses, sales managers, SaaS developers and more. There are boundless projects that are being designed with the use of the list payments API. Programmers continue to come up with new ideas to use the API, here we have a few potential cases; accounting optimization, sales management, customer account management and more and ofcourse there are much more you can think about. This API has global data coverage available. You are able to filter this data to get the response based on x-apideck-consumer-id, x-apideck-app-id, x-apideck-service-id, raw, cursor and limit.

List Payments API endpoints

GET /accounting/payments
To get a data output as in the response of the example, clients need to communicate to the customer payments data endpoint by sending a GET request to the endpoint; /accounting/payments using the required parameters. In order to make the request, input the data endpoint into the browser. To be able to obtain the output required, use the objects and parameters as described by the parameter table. All main programming languages work with the data output. Clients simply need to attach the private key as an endpoint parameter and clients can start receiving data.

Data filter parameters for list payments API

Below you will find the available filter parameters in relation to the list payments data.
x-apideck-consumer-id limit

API object description

Make use of the object table to clarify the objects with their description and compose an API call by using the available parameters.
Objects Description
id Unique identifier representing the entity
downstream_id The third-party API ID of original entity
currency Indicates the associated currency for an amount of money. Values correspond to ISO 4217.
currency_rate Currency Exchange Rate at the time entity was recorded/generated
total_amount Amount of payment
reference Optional payment reference message ie: Debit remittance detail
payment_method Payment method
payment_method_reference Optional reference message returned by payment method on processing
accounts_receivable_account_type Type of accounts receivable account
accounts_receivable_account_id Unique identifier for the account to allocate payment to
account Account details
transaction_date Date transaction was entered – YYYY:MM::DDThh:mm:ss.sTZD
customer The customer this entity is linked to
supplier The supplier this entity is linked to
reconciled Payment has been reconciled
status Status of payment
type Type of payment
allocations Allocations details
note Optional note to be associated with the payment
etc etc

List payments response output

Example output of the endpoint call. More data is available, this example is limited to make it more readable. Opt-in for the system to gain access to the full output.
  "id": "123456",
  "downstream_id": "12345",
  "currency": "USD",
  "currency_rate": 0.69,
  "total_amount": 49.99,
  "reference": "123456",
  "payment_method": "Credit Card",
  "payment_method_reference": "123456",
  "accounts_receivable_account_type": "Account",
  "accounts_receivable_account_id": "123456",
  "transaction_date": "2021-05-01T12:00:00.000Z",
  "reconciled": true,
  "status": "authorised",
  "type": "accounts_receivable",
  "allocations": [
      "id": "123456",
      "code": "N091",
      "amount": 49.99
  "note": "Some notes about this payment",
  "row_version": "1-12345",
  "display_id": "123456",
  "updated_by": "12345",
  "created_by": "12345",
  "created_at": "2020-09-30T07:43:32.000Z",
  "updated_at": "2020-09-30T07:43:32.000Z"

Software development kit

The data output by the API system is provided as JSON file format and software development kits are accessible if required for all leading programming languages e. G. Python, Javascript, Swift, JAVA, Angular, NodeJS, R, C#, PHP, Ruby, VueJS, Strest, Rust, Go, Scala and JQuery. Simply filter the customer payments data using any of the filter attributes start using the SDKs to build the system.

List Payments API pricing

Trials and samples are free upon request, simply write an email and inquire for it. Customers can use the list customer payments API and see if this is indeed that which customers are seeking for. After trying the API, people can determine if they want to move on with the premium version.

Cost and price of API

You can instantly start developing with Apideck API with prices starting monthly from $249 or directly contact the data provider to have more information right away.
Option Price
Monthly subscription From $249/month
Variable pricing no

Free Trial

Free trial is available

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