Property Mortgage Details API

Attom property mortgage details API for getting property details mortgage based on its attom ID
The Attom property mortgage details API holds data for getting property details mortgage based on its attom ID. When filtering the API based on the accept and attomid you can get the output that you need for your platform. This API covers the US. There are boundless systems which are being built with the use of the property mortgage data. Programmers keep coming with new ideas for using the data, let’s provide you with a few potential cases; analyzing real estate and property listing rates, property mortgage conditions and similar and most certainly there are more clients can realise. The data is used by small business, medium business and enterprises, the customers use it within the mortgage, real-estate, accommodation, property listing, and more industry. A few examples of the type of company that uses it are property listing platforms and websites, real-estate analysts and more.

Property Mortgage Details API endpoints

GET /property/detailmortgage
In order to use this API system for getting property details mortgage based on its attom ID, you need to connect with the API endpoint; /property/detailmortgage to receive a similar response like in the example response. In order to make the request, input the API endpoint in the browser. The API documentation works with all major coding languages, simply include the API key parameter to the data endpoint URL and set it up to your personal key to start receiving the requested data. The object and description table demonstrates the available objects and parameters response explanations.

Property mortgage details data filter methods

The property mortgage details API has the following filter parameters applicable that you can use.

Property mortgage details API object description

Make a request by using the different parameters and make use of the table to understand the objects with their related description.
Objects Description
etc etc

Property mortgage details response output

An example data output of the endpoint request. There is more data available, this example is limited to be able to make it readable. Sign-up to the system to receive the complete output.
  "status": {
    "version": "1.0.0",
    "code": 0,
    "msg": "SuccessWithResult",
    "total": 1,
    "page": 1,
    "pagesize": 10,
    "transactionID": "e7ec4bde63013646bf89ccd6d7e56460"
  "property": [
      "identifier": {
        "Id": 184713191,
        "attomId": 184713191,
        "fips": "08031",
        "apn": "02192-04-018-000"
      "lot": {
        "lotnum": "31,32",
        "lotsize1": 0.1076676,
        "lotsize2": 4690,
        "pooltype": "NO POOL"
      "area": {
        "blockNum": "36",
        "loctype": "VIEW - NONE",
        "countrysecsubd": "Denver",
        "countyuse1": "113  ",
        "muncode": "DE",
        "munname": "DENVER",
        "srvyRange": "68W",
        "srvySection": "19",
        "srvyTownship": "03S",
        "subdname": "BERKELEY"
      "address": {
        "country": "US",
        "countrySubd": "CO",
        "line1": "4529 WINONA CT",
        "line2": "DENVER, CO 80212",
        "locality": "DENVER",
        "matchCode": "ExaStr",
        "oneLine": "4529 WINONA CT, DENVER, CO 80212",
        "postal1": "80212",
        "postal2": "2512",
        "postal3": "C037"
      "location": {
        "accuracy": "Rooftop",
        "latitude": "39.778926",
        "longitude": "-105.047775",
        "distance": 0,
        "geoid": "CO08031, CS0891007, DB0803360, ND0000119198, ND0004861239, PL0820000, SB0000076114, SB0000076155, SB0000076161, SB0000135819, SB0000143772, ZI80212",
        "geoIdV4": {
          "CS": "4c0507d0d7894d2d48e4e03e1c0240fc",
          "N1": "b26d02d9330761156fc0cfd4ed8bf9a1",
          "N2": "27e220314436f6edd5e606ddcd28156d",
          "PL": "7de845f7ba9b234a2c5adfca1db76c64",
          "ZI": "0149d0a55ef2d6b71071a39f4e13d6eb"
      "summary": {
        "absenteeInd": "ABSENTEE(MAIL AND SITUS NOT =)",
        "propclass": "Single Family Residence / Townhouse",
        "propsubtype": "Residential",
        "proptype": "SFR",
        "yearbuilt": 1900,
        "propLandUse": "SFR",
        "propIndicator": "10",
        "legal1": "BERKELEY B36 L31 & S/2 OF L32 EXC REAR 8FT TO CITY"
      "utilities": {
        "heatingfuel": "GAS",
        "heatingtype": "CENTRAL"
      "building": {
        "size": {
          "bldgsize": 934,
          "grosssize": 1414,
          "grosssizeadjusted": 934,
          "groundfloorsize": 934,
          "livingsize": 934,
          "sizeInd": "LIVING SQFT",
          "universalsize": 934
        "rooms": {
          "bathfixtures": 5,
          "bathsfull": 1,
          "bathstotal": 1,
          "beds": 2,
          "roomsTotal": 5
        "interior": {
          "bsmtsize": 478,
          "bsmttype": "UNFINISHED",
          "fplccount": 1,
          "fplcind": "Y",
          "fplctype": "YES"
        "construction": {
          "condition": "GOOD",
          "wallType": "BRICK"
        "parking": {
          "prkgSize": 240,
          "prkgSpaces": "1"
        "summary": {
          "archStyle": "OTHER",
          "levels": 1,
          "quality": "EXCELLENT",
          "unitsCount": "1",
          "view": "VIEW - NONE",
          "yearbuilteffective": 2014
      "mortgage": {
        "lender": {
          "companycode": "-1"
        "title": {
          "companyname": "NONE AVAILABLE"
        "amount": 0,
        "date": "",
        "deedtype": "BS",
        "duedate": ""
      "vintage": {
        "lastModified": "2022-04-14",
        "pubDate": "2022-04-14"

Software development kit

The data output by the API system is provided in JSON file format and SDKs are accessible if required for all main programming languages such as; Python, Javascript, Swift, JAVA, Angular, NodeJS, R, C#, PHP, Ruby, VueJS, Strest, Rust, Go, Scala and JQuery. Simply filter the property mortgage data with the filter objects and use the software development kits to build the project.

Property Mortgage Details API pricing

Contact the API provider to inquire into access to samples and trials of the data so that you can try the API before deciding to purchase the full API access. The test access is not unlimited but should be able to give you a decent idea of the full platform.

API pricing

The API by Attom is available with secure payment and immediate authorization.
Price upon request

Free Trial

Free trial is available

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