Schools Around Property API

Schools around property API for getting data on schools within the attendance boundary of a property in the US by Attom
The schools around property API of Attom delivers data with the purpose of getting data on schools within the attendance boundary of a property in the US. It is exciting to read about new programs using this schools around property data, you can realise a few business cases with this data but several examples are; analyzing real estate and property listing rates and similar. Developers frequently realise innovative ways to make use of the data from the API and make a new product. Certain ideas of the possible filters are accept and attomid, use these to decide the API response. This API covers the US. A few ideas of the type of company that uses the data are property listing platforms and websites, real-estate analysts, accommodation services and more, usually the clients can be small business, medium business and enterprises in the real-estate, accommodation, property listing, and more sector.

Schools Around Property API endpoints

GET /property/detailwithschools
In order to use the data platform for getting data on schools within the attendance boundary of a property in the US, you should connect with the API endpoint; /property/detailwithschools to get a similar response as in the example data output. Input the data endpoint in the URL to make the data request. The API documentation applies to all major coding languages, just add your API key parameter to the data endpoint URL and set it up to your personal key to start receiving the requested data. To get the output desired, use the parameters and objects as explained in the object and description table.

Schools around property data filter methods

See below the filter parameters applicable with the schools around property API.

Data object descriptions for schools around property API

Generate a call with the different parameters applicable and use the table to clarify the objects with their associated description.
Objects Description
etc etc

Schools around property API output response

Opt-in for the system to request the complete outputbut you can already see an example of the response output here.
  "status": {
    "version": "1.0.0",
    "code": 0,
    "msg": "SuccessWithResult",
    "total": 1,
    "page": 1,
    "pagesize": 10
  "property": [
      "identifier": {
        "obPropId": 18471319108031,
        "fips": "08031",
        "apn": "02192-04-018-000",
        "attomId": 184713191
      "lot": {
        "depth": 0,
        "frontage": 0,
        "lotnum": "31,32",
        "lotsize1": 0.1077,
        "lotsize2": 4690,
        "pooltype": "NONE"
      "area": {
        "blockNum": "36",
        "countrysecsubd": "Denver County",
        "countyuse1": "113",
        "muncode": "DE",
        "munname": "DENVER",
        "srvyRange": "68W",
        "srvySection": "19",
        "srvyTownship": "03S",
        "subdname": "BERKELEY",
        "subdtractnum": "0",
        "taxcodearea": "0"
      "address": {
        "country": "US",
        "countrySubd": "CO",
        "line1": "4529 WINONA CT",
        "line2": "DENVER, CO 80212",
        "locality": "Denver",
        "matchCode": "ExaStr",
        "oneLine": "4529 WINONA CT, DENVER, CO 80212",
        "postal1": "80212",
        "postal2": "2512",
        "postal3": "C037"
      "location": {
        "accuracy": "Street",
        "elevation": 0,
        "latitude": "39.778920",
        "longitude": "-105.047755",
        "distance": 0,
        "geoid": "CO08031, CS0891007, DB0803360, ND0000119198, ND0004861239, PL0820000, SB0000076114, SB0000076155, SB0000076161, SB0000135819, SB0000143772, ZI80212"
      "summary": {
        "absenteeInd": "ABSENTEE(MAIL AND SITUS NOT =)",
        "propclass": "Single Family Residence / Townhouse",
        "propsubtype": "RESIDENTIAL",
        "proptype": "SFR",
        "yearbuilt": 1900,
        "propLandUse": "SFR",
        "propIndicator": "10",
        "legal1": "BERKELEY B36 L31 & S/2 OF L32 EXC REAR 8FT TO CITY"
      "utilities": {
        "heatingfuel": "GAS",
        "heatingtype": "CENTRAL"
      "building": {
        "size": {
          "bldgsize": 1414,
          "grosssize": 1414,
          "grosssizeadjusted": 934,
          "groundfloorsize": 934,
          "livingsize": 934,
          "sizeInd": "LIVING SQFT ",
          "universalsize": 934
        "rooms": {
          "bathfixtures": 5,
          "baths1qtr": 0,
          "baths3qtr": 0,
          "bathscalc": 1,
          "bathsfull": 1,
          "bathshalf": 0,
          "bathstotal": 1,
          "beds": 2,
          "roomsTotal": 5
        "interior": {
          "bsmtsize": 478,
          "bsmttype": "UNFINISHED",
          "fplccount": 1,
          "fplcind": "Y",
          "fplctype": "YES"
        "construction": {
          "condition": "GOOD",
          "frameType": "TYPE UNKNOWN",
          "wallType": "BRICK"
        "parking": {
          "prkgSize": 240,
          "prkgSpaces": "0",
          "prkgType": "GARAGE DETACHED"
        "summary": {
          "bldgsNum": 0,
          "bldgType": "TYPE UNKNOWN",
          "imprType": "RESIDENTIAL",
          "levels": 1,
          "mobileHomeInd": " ",
          "quality": "EXCELLENT",
          "storyDesc": "TYPE UNKNOWN",
          "unitsCount": "1",
          "yearbuilteffective": 2014
      "schoolDistrict": {
        "Obdistrictnumber": "5700044864",
        "districttype": "REGULAR LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT",
        "districtname": "DENVER PUBLIC SCHOOLS",
        "districtlatitude": "39.745674",
        "districtlongitude": "-104.985914"
      "school": [
          "OBInstID": "01484526",
          "GSTestRating": 3,
          "gradelevel1lotext": "PRESCHOOL",
          "gradelevel1hitext": "5TH GRADE",
          "Filetypetext": "PUBLIC",
          "geocodinglatitude": "39.781469",
          "geocodinglongitude": "-105.041775",
          "distance": 0.36
          "OBInstID": "00147256",
          "InstitutionName": "SKINNER MIDDLE SCHOOL",
          "GSTestRating": 4,
          "gradelevel1lotext": "6TH GRADE",
          "gradelevel1hitext": "8TH GRADE",
          "Filetypetext": "PUBLIC",
          "geocodinglatitude": "39.772041",
          "geocodinglongitude": "-105.032226",
          "distance": 0.95
          "OBInstID": "00147103",
          "InstitutionName": "NORTH HIGH SCHOOL",
          "GSTestRating": 0,
          "gradelevel1lotext": "9TH GRADE",
          "gradelevel1hitext": "12TH GRADE",
          "Filetypetext": "PUBLIC",
          "geocodinglatitude": "39.758899",
          "geocodinglongitude": "-105.021881",
          "distance": 1.95
          "OBInstID": "5700074281",
          "InstitutionName": "STRIVE PREPARATORY - SUNNYSIDE",
          "GSTestRating": 1,
          "gradelevel1lotext": "6TH GRADE",
          "gradelevel1hitext": "8TH GRADE",
          "Filetypetext": "PUBLIC",
          "geocodinglatitude": "39.781756",
          "geocodinglongitude": "-105.006689",
          "distance": 2.19
          "OBInstID": "00146458",
          "InstitutionName": "BRYANT WEBSTER K-8 SCHOOL",
          "GSTestRating": 2,
          "gradelevel1lotext": "PRESCHOOL",
          "gradelevel1hitext": "8TH GRADE",
          "Filetypetext": "PUBLIC",
          "geocodinglatitude": "39.767275",
          "geocodinglongitude": "-105.008188",
          "distance": 2.25
      "vintage": {
        "lastModified": "2022-5-13",
        "pubDate": "2022-5-14"

Software development kit

Use whichever of the filter parameters to choose the schools around property data that is needed. The API platform delivers response as JSON format and for programming languages like; Python, Javascript, Swift, JAVA, Angular, NodeJS, R, C#, PHP, Ruby, VueJS, Strest, Rust, Go, Scala and JQuery there are SDKs accessible, simply ask for it and it is sent by email shortly.

Schools Around Property API pricing

Samples and trials are available upon request, simply get in contact and ask for it. You should be able to access the schools per property API and check if this is exactly what you are seeking for. After examinating the API, people can decide if they are ready to continue with the paid version.

Price and cost of the API

Attom data access is available to buy including documentation and provider support.
Price upon request

Free Trial

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