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Airline routes API for implementing operating airline routes worldwide by Aviation Edge
This airline routes API created by Aviation Edge provides data for the purpose of implementing operating airline routes worldwide. With the system clients may filter based on departureIata, departureIcao, airlineIata, airlineIcao and flightNumber to access the response output clients would like. It is always intriguing to read about new platforms which use this flight routes API, you can realise several use cases with this API but certain examples are; developing applications, website plugins, airline route analysis and optimization features, building aviation and flight tracking platforms and more. Programmers always find new ways to take advantage of the data from the API system and develop new products. Some examples of the type of business that uses it are aviation platforms, location and map features, booking and travel websites, airport operators, airlines, hospitality services, flight operations analysis and more, usually the clients can be small business, medium business and enterprises in the aviation, travel, booking, hospitality, airport and location services sector. The database has global data coverage available.

Airline Routes API endpoints

GET /v2/public/routes
To receive a data response like in the response output of the example, customers need to communicate to the airline routes API endpoint by sending a GET data request to the endpoint; /v2/public/routes with the required parameters. To make the request, place the data endpoint into the browser. To be able to get the response required, make use of the parameters and objects as explained by the object table. The API documentation works with all leading programming languages, just add the API key parameter to the API endpoint URL and set it up to your private key to start receiving the requested data.

Filter parameters for airline routes API

The airline routes data has the below mentioned filters applicable that can be filtered with.

Data object attributes

Attain the required data from the API system using the different parameters applicable and the table to understand the objects.
Objects Description
departureIata Departure airport IATA code
departureIcao Departure airport ICAO code
departureTerminal Departure airport terminal
departureTime Scheduled departure time
arrivalIata Arrival airport IATA code
arrivalIcao Arrival airport ICAO code
arrivalTerminal Arrival airport terminal
arrivalTime Scheduled arrival time
airlineIata Airline IATA code
airlineIcao Airline ICAO code
flightNumber Flight number in “1234” format
codeshares Codeshared flights (if any)
regNumber Aircraft registration number

Airline routes response output

In the code box you can find the data output example. Subscribe to the complete response output due to this being incomplete to make it more readable.
{ "departureIata": "IAH",
"departureIcao": "KIAH",
"departureTerminal": A29,
"departureTime": "08:00:00",
"arrivalIata": "DFW",
"arrivalIcao": "KDFW",
"arrivalTerminal": A37,
"arrivalTime": "09:23:00",
"airlineIata": "AA",
"airlineIcao": "AAL",
"flightNumber": "2668",
"codeshares": null,
"regNumber": "N581UW"


There are SDKs accessible to support the development of your platform, simply request them and they are sent. Next use the filter objects to select the right output for you and with the airport routes API response in JSON your platform will be possible to design.

Airline Routes API pricing

If you wish to get access to this airport routes API before purchasing, there are sample and trial datasets accessible so write an email and request for the test data access. Once you have worked a bit with the the data, you can decide if you wish to purchase full connection to this product.

Cost and price of API

You can promptly gain access Aviation Edge API with the price tag set at monthly from $149 or contact the API company to have more information right away.
Option Price
Monthly subscription From $149/month
Yearly subscription From $1610/year
Variable pricing no

Discounted Trial

Discounted trial is available

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