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Airplane Types API

Airplane types API for maintaining an airplane model directory
The Aviation Edge airplane types API holds data for the purpose of maintaining an airplane model directory. Some ideas of the possible filters are codeIataAircraft, use these to determine the API response. It is used by small business, medium business and enterprises, a few ideas of the type of company who uses the API are aviation platforms, hobby websites, engineering platforms and more. They use the API in the aviation and engineering sector. Certain use cases with the airplane models data are for example; applications, website plugins, aviation news feeds, aircraft market analysis, airport operations, engineering and aviation platforms and more. It is ofcourse a possibility that clients have exceptional use cases that haven’t been thought of before. It is great to hear about these. This API covers global data.

Airplane Types API endpoints

GET /v2/public/planeTypeDatabase
To get a data response like in the response of the example, clients need to communicate with the aircraft models data endpoint by sending a GET request to the endpoint; /v2/public/planeTypeDatabase with the right parameters. All main programming languages work with the data output. You simply need to connect the private API key as an endpoint parameter and you will begin receiving data. Put the API endpoint in the URL to apply for the data request. To be able to get the output required, make use of the objects and parameters as described in the table.

Data filter parameters

The airplane types API has the following filters available that can be filtered with.

API object attributes

Make use of the object table to clarify the objects with their associated description and make a call by using the different parameters applicable.
Objects Description
planeTypeId Airplane-type ID in our database
nameAircraft Airplane name with brand
codeIataAircraft IATA code of the airplane model

Output response of the airplane types API

Opt-in for the API system to request the complete data outputbut clients can already see a preview of the response here.
"planeTypeId": "100",
"nameAircraft": "Boeing 767-200 Freighter",
"codeIataAircraft": "76X"
"planeTypeId": "101",
"nameAircraft": "Boeing 767-300 Freighter",
"codeIataAircraft": "76Y"
"planeTypeId": "102",
"nameAircraft": "Boeing 777-200/200ER",
"codeIataAircraft": "772"
{ "planeTypeId": "103",
"nameAircraft": "Boeing 777-300",
"codeIataAircraft": "773"
{ "planeTypeId": "104",
"nameAircraft": "Boeing 777",
"codeIataAircraft": "777"


There are SDKs accessible to assist the designing of your project, just ask for them and they should be sent. Then use the filter objects to select the right output for you and with the airplane types API output in JSON your platform will be clear to develop.

Airplane Types API pricing

In case clients want to get trial access to this airplane types API before signing up, there are sample and trial data sets accessible so get in contact and ask for the test data connection. Once clients have experimented a bit a little with the the data, you can decide if you wish to buy complete connection to this API.

Cost and price of API

The API by Aviation Edge is accessible monthly from $149 with 3D secure payment and immediate access to fetch data.
Option Price
Monthly subscription From $149/month
Yearly subscription From $1610/year
One time purchase From $29
Variable pricing no

Discounted Trial

Discounted trial is available

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