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Aviation taxes API for getting general information on aviation-related taxes by Aviation Edge
The aviation taxes API by Aviation Edge outputs data for the purpose of getting general information on aviation-related taxes. When filtering the API based on the codeIataTax you will be able to get the output which you need for your project. A few business cases for the aviation taxes data are for example; applications, website plugins, aviation tax and insurance services, travel and aviation platforms and websites and more. It is ofcourse imaginable that customers have uncommon use cases which weren’t thought of before. It is amazing to hear about these. The database has global data coverage available. It is used by small business, medium business and enterprises, some ideas of the type of company that uses the API are aviation platforms, aviation tax and insurance services and more. They use the API in the aviation and tax services industry.

Aviation Taxes API endpoints

GET /v2/public/taxDatabase
Connect with the airport taxes API endpoint; /v2/public/taxDatabase by sending a GET request for data to the endpoint with the appropriate parameters and receive an output like in the example output. This endpoint is built for getting general information on aviation-related taxes. Using your API key parameter and connecting to it with your personal API key, you will begin receiving data by using any of the major programming languages. The parameter table demonstrates the possible objects and parameters response descriptions. Put the API endpoint into the URL to make the request.

API filter parameters for aviation taxes data

Below you will see the applicable filter parameters with the aviation taxes API.

API object description

Obtain the data output from the API by using the different parameters applicable and the table to clarify the objects.
Objects Description
taxId Tax ID on our database
nameTax Tax name
codeIataTax Tax IATA code

Aviation taxes output response

Subscribe to the system to request the complete response outputbut you can already find an example of the output response in the code box.
        "taxId": "1",
        "nameTax": "Government Tax",
        "codeIataTax": "AB"

Software development kit

This is a JSON system and in the event that clients would like SDKs, these are available for phyton, r, matlab, c++, net, java, javascript, typescript, node. Js, go, php, haskell, tensorflow and ruby. Just ask for it and they are sent by email. Start using the filter parameters and use the output with the SDKs and build the platform.

Aviation Taxes API pricing

Write an email to the data provider to ask for access to samples and trials of the data so that you can work with the data ahead of deciding to buy the full package access. The sample access is limited but is able to provide you with a good idea of the full platform.

API cost and pricing

Aviation Edge data is accessible with prices starting monthly from $149 with 3D secure payment option.
Option Price
Monthly subscription From $149/month
Yearly subscription From $1610/year
One time purchase From $49
Variable pricing no

Discounted Trial

Discounted trial is available

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