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Nearby Airports API

Nearby airports API for implementing nearby airport information based on a given location by Aviation Edge
Get access to the data created by Aviation Edge and take advantage of this nearby airports API with the purpose of implementing nearby airport information based on a given location. With the system customers can filter based on lat, lng and distance to get the response output customers would like. This API has global data coverage available. It is usually intriguing to hear about new projects which use the closeby airports data, it is possible to think of some use cases with this API but some examples are; applications, website plugins, city and airport nearby features, booking websites, travel and aviation platforms, hospitality services and more. Programmers frequently find innovative ways to make something with the data from the API and make a new product. The data is used by small business, medium business and enterprises, some ideas of the type of company who uses the data are aviation platforms, location and map features, booking and travel websites, airport operators, airlines, hospitality services and more. The customers use it in the aviation, travel, booking, hospitality, airport and location services industry.

Nearby Airports API endpoints

GET /v2/public/nearby
To get a data response like in the example response, you need to connect to the closeby airports data endpoint by sending a GET request to the endpoint; /v2/public/nearby with the required object parameters. The API documentation works with all main coding languages, simply include the API key parameter to the data endpoint URL and set it up to your personal API key to begin receiving the required data. To be able to get the response desired, make use of the parameters and objects as described in the object and description table. Place the data endpoint in the URL to execute the data request.

Data filters for nearby airports API

The nearby airports API has the below mentioned filter parameters available with which you can filter.

Nearby airports API data attributes

Make a call with the different parameters applicable and use the table to clarify the objects with their associated description.
Objects Description
code Airport IATA code
icao Airport ICAO code
name Airport name
cityCode IATA city code
cityName City name
countryCode 2-digit country code
countryName Country name
lat Airport latitude
lng Airport longitude
timezone Airport timezone
type Airport, railroad or bus station
isRailRoad 0 if other type
isBusStation 0 if other type
distance Distance to the requested location

Response output of nearby airports API

Sign-up for the API to request the full data outputbut customers can already find a preview of the data output in the code box.
"code": "BUW",
"icao": "WAWB",
"name": "Baubau",
"cityCode": "BUW",
"cityName": "Baubau",
"countryCode": "ID",
"countryName": "Indonesia",
"lat": -5.466667,
"lng": 122.63333,
"timezone": "Asia/Makassar",
"type": "airport",
"isRailRoad": 0,
"isBusStation": 0, "distance": 0 },
"code": "RAQ",
"icao": "WAWR",
"name": "Sugimanuru",
"cityCode": "RAQ",
"cityName": "Raha",
"countryCode": "ID",
"countryName": "Indonesia",
"lat": -4.916667,
"lng": 122.583336,
"timezone": "Asia/Makassar",
"type": "airport",
"isRailRoad": 0,
"isBusStation": 0,
"distance": 61404


The data output by the API system can be provided as JSON format and software development kits are accessible by email for all major programming languages such as; phyton, r, matlab, c++, net, java, javascript, typescript, node. Js, go, php, haskell, tensorflow and ruby. Just filter the nearby airports data with the filter attributes and use the SDKs to build the platform.

Nearby Airports API pricing

Samples and trials access is free if desired, just get in contact and ask for it. You should be able to access the closest airports data and check if it is exactly what you are searching for. After trying the data, people can decide if they are ready to work with the premium version.

Cost and price of the API

The API developed by Aviation Edge is accessible monthly from $149 with 3D secure payment option and prompt authorization.
Option Price
Monthly subscription From $149/month
Yearly subscription From $1610/year
Variable pricing no

Discounted Trial

Discounted trial is available

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