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Satellite Tracker API

Aviation Edge satellite tracker API for tracking real-time satellite and orbiting object positions
Get access to the data created by Aviation Edge to adopt this satellite tracker API with the goal of tracking real-time satellite and orbiting object positions. It is intriguing to hear about new programs that use the satellite position API, you can realise some business cases with the API but certain examples are; applications, website plugins, satellite and ISS tracking features, space and hobby platforms and more. Developers frequently realise new ways to use the data from the API and design new projects. The database has global data coverage available. People use the data within the aerospace, communication and astronomy industry. Some examples of the type of company using the data are aerospace platforms, communication services, space-related websites and more, usually the customers can be small business, medium business and enterprises. When filtering this API based on the code, launchYear, intldes, orbitalapogee and orbitalperigee you can get the response that you need for your project.

Satellite Tracker API endpoints

GET /v2/public/satelliteDetails
To be able to get a data response as in the response output of the example, clients need to communicate to the satellite tracker data endpoint by sending a GET data request to the endpoint; /v2/public/satelliteDetails using the required object parameters. To be able to obtain the response desired, make use of the objects and parameters as described in the object and description table. Input the API endpoint in the URL to apply for the request. All main coding languages function with the API output. Customers simply need to attach the private API key as an endpoint parameter and customers can start receiving the data.

API filter methods

Here you will find the applicable filter methods for the satellite tracker data.

Data object descriptions for satellite tracker API

Compose a request by using the applicable parameters and make use of the table to clarify the objects with their related description.
Objects Description
code Satellite code
country Satellite country code
intldes International designator
launchDate Satellite launch date
launchNum Satellite launch number
launchPart Satellite launch part
launchYear Satellite launch year
name Satellite name
orbitalApogee Current orbital apogee value
orbitalInclination Current orbital inclination value
orbitalPerigee Current orbital perigee value
orbitalPeriod Current orbital period value
ECI ECI coordinate details
posX Position X
posY Position Y
posZ Position Z
velX Velocity X
velY Velocity Y

Satellite tracker API response output

Opt-in for the system to call the full outputbut clients can already find part of the response in the code box.
"idLaunchPiece":"EH ",
"tle1":"1 408U 61015EH 20129.79820524 -.00000021 +00000-0 +54301-4 0 9997",
"tle2":"2 408 066.7883 021.7828 0070545 199.3274 220.5694 13.74946678998881",


Use any of the filter attributes to choose the satellite tracker data that is required. The API provides response in JSON file format and for languages such as; phyton, r, matlab, c++, node. Js, go, php, haskell, net, java, javascript, typescript,tensorflow and ruby there are SDKs available, just ask for it and it should be provided shortly.

Satellite Tracker API pricing

In case clients want to get access to the satellite tracking API before paying, there are trial and sample datasets accessible so get in contact and ask for the trial data connection. When clients have experimented a bit a little with the the API, you may determine if you want to buy full connection to this database.

Price and cost of API

Aviation Edge data access is ready to buy monthly from $149 including documentation and constant provider support.
Option Price
Monthly subscription From $149/month
Yearly subscription From $1610/year
Variable pricing no

Discounted Trial

Discounted trial is available

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