911 Calls API

911 calls API for requesting 911 calls for a specific location
This 911 calls API created by Crimeometer has data for requesting 911 calls for a specific location. With the system clients are able to filter determined by lat, lon, datetime_ini, datetime_end and distance to access the response output clients need. It is used by small business, medium business and enterprises, the customers use the data within the safety quality index analysis, sociology, criminal investigation, criminal statistics and more sector. Several ideas of the type of company that uses the data are safety quality index analyzing businesses, sociologists, criminal analysts, national security and crime investigation platforms, websites, documenters and more. This database covers regional data. Several projects with the 911 calls API are for example; analyzing the safety quality index of a region, building statistics on 911 calls, preparing reports on emergency incidents, criminal activities or similar, displaying 911 calls stat information on websites, applications, website plugins and more. It is ofcourse imaginable that people have exceptional use cases which haven’t been thought of previously. It is amazing to hear about them.

911 Calls API endpoints



In order to get a data output like in the response output of the example, customers need to communicate with the real-time 911 calls API endpoint by sending a GET request to the endpoint; /v3/calls-for-service/raw-data using the right parameters. Working with the API key parameter and connecting to it with your private key, you can start receiving data working with any of the main coding languages. In order to apply for the data request, put the endpoint in the URL field. For the applicable parameters and objects, check the object and description table of the 911 calls API which clarifies it.

Filter methods for 911 calls data

Find below the filter methods applicable in relation to the 911 calls API.

Data object description

Access the data from the API system with the possible parameters and the table to interpret the objects.
Objects Description

Response output of the 911 calls API

On this page customers may see the output example. Opt-in to the full output response due to this being limited to make it readable.
    "total_incidents": 2,
    "total_pages": 1,
    "incidents": [
            "call_city_key": "AUS",
            "call_code": "20191010131",
            "call_date": "2019-04-11T01:40:00.000Z",
            "call_type": "Alcohol-related offense",
            "call_description": "DWI at 816 LAVACA ST",
            "call_latitude": 30.27146322,
            "call_longitude": -97.74426176,
            "call_address": "816 LAVACA ST"
            "call_city_key": "AUS",
            "call_code": "20183640046",
            "call_date": "2018-12-30T02:48:00.000Z",
            "call_type": "Alcohol-related offense",
            "call_description": "DWI at W 9TH ST / LAVACA ST",
            "call_latitude": 30.27154076,
            "call_longitude": -97.74415195,
            "call_address": "W 9TH ST / LAVACA ST"

Software development kit

There are software development kits accessible to help the designing of your project, simply request them and they should be sent. Next use the filter attributes to select the required output for you and with the real-time 911 calls API output in JSON your project will be clear to build.

911 Calls API pricing

Before making the decision to buy data access you can request for trials and samples of the 911 calls data. E-mail and ask for the test access and you can try the API. It won’t be unlimited access but it is sufficient to be able to test the system.

API pricing

911 Calls API by Crimeometer is available with secure payment option and instant authorization.
Price upon request

Free Trial

Free trial is available

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