Crime Incidents API

Crime incidents API for getting crime incidents data from a specific location by Crimeometer
This Crimeometer crime incidents API provides data for the purpose of getting crime incidents data from a specific location. Certain ideas of the possible filters are lat, lon, distance, datetime_ini, datetime_end and page, use these to determine the API output. Several projects for the criminal activity data are for example; analyzing criminal incidents, building reports on national security, criminal activities or similar, displaying crime information on websites, applications, website plugins and more. It is also possible that people have different use cases which weren’t thought of previously. It is amazing to read about these. People use it within the national security, sociology, criminal investigation, justice, statistics and more sector. Certain ideas of the type of company using the API are sociologists, criminal analysts, national security and crime investigation platforms, websites, documenters and more, generally the clients are small business, medium business and enterprises. The database covers regional data.

Crime Incidents API endpoints

GET /v1/incidents/raw-data
To use the platform for getting crime incidents data from a specific location, customers should communicate with the API endpoint; /v1/incidents/raw-data to obtain a similar response like in the response output of the example. Place the endpoint into the URL to make the data request. The API documentation applies to all leading coding languages, simply attach your API key parameter to the API endpoint URL and set it up to your personal API key to start receiving the required data. The table demonstrates the possible objects and parameters output descriptions.

Parameters for crime incidents data

The crime incidents data has the following filters available that you can use.
lat page

Data object description

Attain the required data from the API using the applicable parameters and the table to clarify the objects.
Objects Description
city_key City code in UN/LOCODE standard
incident_code Incident code provided by the source
incident_date Incident occurred date (approximate in some cases)
incident_offense Incident offense type using FBI-NIBRS standard
incident_offense_code Incident offense code using FBI-NIBRS standard
incident_offense_description Incident offense sub type using FBI-NIBRS standard
incident_offense_detail_description Incident detail description
incident_offense_crime_against Incident against Person/Property/Society/Not a Crime
incident_offense_action Incident action status (Commited/Attempted)
incident_source_original_type Type of incident from the original source
incident_source_name Incident source name
incident_latitude Latitude value of the incident
incident_longitude Longitude value of the incident
incident_address Incident address

Output response of the crime incidents API

Opt-in for the API to call the complete responsebut clients can already find an example of the output here.
    "total_incidents": 2,
    "total_pages": 1,
    "incidents": [
        "city_key": "AUS",
        "incident_code": "20191101137",
        "incident_date": "2019-04-20T15:53:00.000Z",
        "incident_offense": "Driving Under the Influence",
        "incident_offense_code": "90D",
        "incident_offense_description": "Driving Under the Influence",
        "incident_offense_detail_description": "Driving Under the Influence at 5309 E RIVERSIDE DR",
        "incident_offense_crime_against": "Society",
        "incident_offense_action": "C",
        "incident_source_original_type": "DWI",
        "incident_source_name": "Austin_Police_Department_Crime_Reports",
        "incident_latitude": 30.2292141,
        "incident_longitude": -97.71322768,
        "incident_address": "5309 E RIVERSIDE DR"
        "city_key": "AUS",
        "incident_code": "20191101207",
        "incident_date": "2019-04-20T16:54:00.000Z",
        "incident_offense": "Assault Offenses",
        "incident_offense_code": "13A",
        "incident_offense_description": "Aggravated Assault",
        "incident_offense_detail_description": "Aggravated Assault at 5809 SWEENEY CIR",
        "incident_offense_crime_against": "Person",
        "incident_offense_action": "C",
        "incident_source_original_type": "AGG ASSAULT FAM/DATE VIOLENCE",
        "incident_source_name": "Austin_Police_Department_Crime_Reports",
        "incident_latitude": 30.30535921,
        "incident_longitude": -97.67908217,
        "incident_address": "5809 SWEENEY CIR"


There are software development kits available to assist the designing of your system, simply ask for them and they are emailed. Then use the filter parameters to filter the right output for you and with the criminal incidents API response in JSON your system is clear to build.

Crime Incidents API pricing

Write an email to the data provider to ask for access to trials and samples of the data so that you are able to try the data before deciding to purchase the full package access. The test access is limited but should be able to provide you with a decent insight into the complete API system.

Cost and price of API

The API developed by Crimeometer is accessible with 3D secure payment option and immediate access to fetch data.
Price upon request

Free Trial

Free trial is available

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