Sex Offenders API

Sex offenders API for requesting information on registered sex offenders across the US by name or zip code
Access the database created by Crimeometer and take advantage of the sex offenders API for requesting information on registered sex offenders across the US by name or zip code. A few possible use cases with the sex offenders API are for example; analyzing the safety quality index of a region, building statistics on sex offenders, preparing reports on regional sex offenders, criminal activities or similar, displaying sex offender stat information on websites, applications, website plugins and more. It is of course a possibility that customers have unique use cases that haven’t been thought of previously. It would be great to read about them. This database covers regional data. With this system you can filter based on zipcode and name to get the response output you need. Customers use the data in the safety quality index analysis, sociology, criminal investigation, criminal statistics and more industry. Some ideas of the type of company using the data are safety quality index analyzing businesses, sociologists, criminal analysts, national security and crime investigation platforms, websites, documenters and more, usually the customers could be small business, medium business and enterprises.

Sex Offenders API endpoints

GET /v3/sex-offenders/records
In order to obtain a data output as in the response of the example, clients need to communicate with the sex offenders API endpoint by sending a GET data request to the endpoint; /v3/sex-offenders/records using the right object parameters. To make data request, put the API endpoint into the URL field. Working with the API key parameter and connecting it to your personal API key, you can start receiving data by using any of the leading programming languages. The table defines the available objects and parameters output explanations.

Filter methods for sex offenders data

Find here the parameters applicable in relation to the sex offenders data.

Data object attributes

Compose a data request with the different parameters and make use of the table to understand the objects with their associated description.
Objects Description

Sex offenders output response

Here is an example response of the endpoint call. There is more data available, this example is limited to make it more readable. Opt-in to the API to receive the complete data response.
    "sex_offenders_count": 2,
    "pages_count": 1,
    "sex_offenders": [
            "sex_offender_state": "NY",
            "sex_offender_location": "BROOKLYN",
            "sex_offender_zipcode": "11212",
            "sex_offender_lat": "-73.90765",
            "sex_offender_lon": "40.66966",
            "sex_offender_name": "DAVID BOSMOND",
            "sex_offender_first_name": "DAVID",
            "sex_offender_middle_name": "",
            "sex_offender_last_name": "BOSMOND",
            "sex_offender_birthdate": "1965-02-17",
            "sex_offender_age": 57,
            "sex_offender_address_line1": "131 WATKINS ST",
            "sex_offender_address_line2": "BROOKLYN,NY 11212",
            "sex_offender_sex": "Male",
            "sex_offender_race": "Black",
            "sex_offender_height": "6ft 02in",
            "sex_offender_weight": "220",
            "sex_offender_hair": "Black",
            "sex_offender_eyes": "Brown",
            "sex_offender_marks": "None Reported",
            "sex_offender_aliases": "DAVID  BASMOND;DICK  BASMOND;DAVIDLEE  BOSMOND",
            "sex_offender_charges": "Sexual Abuse-1st Degree;Sexual Abuse-1st Degree",
            "sex_offender_changes": "694 LINCOLN PLACE BROOKLYN NY",
            "sex_offender_is_predator": "false",
            "sex_offender_is_absconder": "false",
            "sex_offender_image_url": ""
            "sex_offender_state": "NY",
            "sex_offender_location": "BROOKLYN",
            "sex_offender_zipcode": "11212",
            "sex_offender_lat": "-73.907261",
            "sex_offender_lon": "40.671956",
            "sex_offender_name": "DAVID PIERRE",
            "sex_offender_first_name": "DAVID",
            "sex_offender_middle_name": "",
            "sex_offender_last_name": "PIERRE",
            "sex_offender_birthdate": "1972-09-12",
            "sex_offender_age": 49,
            "sex_offender_address_line1": "301 MOTHER GASTON BLVD #1",
            "sex_offender_address_line2": "BROOKLYN,NY 11212",
            "sex_offender_sex": "Male",
            "sex_offender_race": "Black",
            "sex_offender_height": "5ft 11in",
            "sex_offender_weight": "170",
            "sex_offender_hair": "Black",
            "sex_offender_eyes": "Brown",
            "sex_offender_marks": "None Reported",
            "sex_offender_aliases": "DAVID RONDELL PIERRE;DAVID R PIERRE",
            "sex_offender_charges": "POSSESSION OF CHILD PORNOGRAPHY",
            "sex_offender_changes": "655 3RD AVE NEW YORK NY",
            "sex_offender_is_predator": "false",
            "sex_offender_is_absconder": "false",
            "sex_offender_image_url": ""

Software development kit

There are SDKs available to help the building of your system, just ask for them and they will be sent. After this use the filter attributes to select the required output for you and with the sex offenders API output in JSON your project should be possible to develop.

Sex Offenders API pricing

Trials and samples access is freely available upon request, just write an email and ask for it. Customers should be able to use the sex offenders API and check if it is exactly that what customers are looking for. After testing the API, people can determine if they are ready to continue with the premium version.

API cost

The API developed by Crimeometer is accessible with secure payment and immediate access.
Price upon request

Free Trial

Free trial is available

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