Air Quality Observations API

Air quality observations API for getting results of air quality observations by region
This CustomWeather air quality observations API maintains data with the goal of getting results of air quality observations by region. Certain projects for the air quality data are for example; applications, website plugins, business platforms, weather services, air quality forecasting, air quality analysis, environment and climate change analysis, machine learning projects and more. It is also possible that people have exceptional use cases which aren’t thought of before. It would be amazing to hear about those. People use the API within the weather, air quality, environment and industry industry. Certain examples of the type of company using the API are weather platforms, air quality analysis platforms, location analysts, industrial analysis, environment and climate change platforms and more, usually the customers might be small business, medium business and enterprises. Some ideas of the possible filters are id, zip code, lat/long and name, use these to determine the data response. This API has global data coverage available.

Air Quality Observations API endpoints



To use this API system for getting results of air quality observations by region, clients need to communicate with the API endpoint; /xml. Customweather. Com/xml?client=sampleuser&client_password=samplepassword&product=air_quality_obs to receive a similar output like in the example response. In order to apply for the data request, input the API endpoint into the browser. For the possible parameters and objects, check the object and description table of the air quality observations API which clarifies it all. All main programming languages work with the API output. Clients just need to connect the private API key as an endpoint parameter and clients will begin receiving the data.

Air quality observations data filters

The air quality observations API has the following filter parameters applicable that you can use.

Air quality observations API data attributes

Generate a request using the possible parameters and make use of the table to clarify the objects with their related description.

Air quality observations response output

An example output of the endpoint request. More data is available, it is limited to make it readable. Sign-up for the system to gain access to the complete data response.



It is a XML API and in the event that clients need SDKs, these are accessible for phyton, r, matlab, c++, net, java, javascript, typescript, node. Js, go, php, haskell, tensorflow and ruby. Simply email for it and they will be provided. Begin using the filter attributes and combine the output with the software development kits to design the project.

Air Quality Observations API pricing

Unfortunately no free trial is availablebut it is still an option to attempt to access sample data.

Price and cost of the API

CustomWeather Air Quality Observations API is accessible with the price tag starting with 3D secure payment.
Price upon request

No Trial

No trial is available

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