Drug Classification API

Drugbank drug classification API for fetching a description of the hierarchical chemical classification of the drug
This drug classification API by Drugbank outputs data with the purpose of fetching a description of the hierarchical chemical classification of the drug. When filtering this API based on the description, direct_parent, kingdom, superclass_name, class_name, subclass_name and more you will get the response that you need for your platform. The API covers Canada and the US. It is always intriguing to hear about new systems that use this drug chemical classification data, there are several business cases with this API but several ideas are; healthcare marketing, pharmaceutical products comparison and analysis, providing information about drugs on healthcare platforms, healthcare research and more. Programmers often find innovative ways to take advantage of the data from the API system and design a new product with it. It is used by small business, medium business and enterprises, some ideas of the type of company who uses the API are healthcare marketing platforms, pharmaceutical companies, drug directory services, product analysis and more. They use the data within the healthcare, marketing and pharmaceutical sector.

Drug Classification API endpoints


Endpoint Unknown

Connect to the drug chemical classification API endpoint; by sending a request for data to the endpoint with the available parameters and get a similar response like in the example output as a response. The endpoint is used for fetching a description of the hierarchical chemical classification of the drug. Using the API key parameter and connecting to it with your personal API key, you can begin receiving data by using any of the major programming languages. To make request, put the data endpoint into the browser. The parameter table clarifies the possible parameters and objects output descriptions.

Drug classification API parameters

The drug classification API has the following filters available that can be filtered with.
description subclass_name
direct_parent alternative_parents
kingdom substituents

Data object description

Attain the data output from the API by making use of the available parameters and the table to interpret the objects.
Objects Description
superclass_name Superclass name.
class_name Class name.
subclass_name Subclass name.

Drug classification API response output

In the code box customers are able to see the response example. Subscribe to the full response due to this being incomplete to make it more readable.
  "classification": {
    "description": "This compound belongs to the class of organic compounds known as pentacarboxylic acids and derivatives. These are carboxylic acids containing exactly five carboxyl groups.",
    "direct_parent": "Pentacarboxylic acids and derivatives",
    "kingdom": "Organic compounds",
    "superclass_name": "Organic acids and derivatives",
    "class_name": "Carboxylic acids and derivatives",
    "subclass_name": "Pentacarboxylic acids and derivatives",
    "alternative_parents": [
      "Alpha amino acids",
      "Amino acids",
    "substituents": [
      "Tertiary aliphatic amine",
      "Tertiary amine"

Software development kits

Use whichever of the filter attributes to filter the drug classification data that is needed. The API platform provides output as JSON format and for languages like; Javascript, Angular, JQuery, JAVA, R, C#, NodeJS, PHP, Python, Ruby, VueJS, Strest, Swift, Rust, Go and Scala there are software development kits available, just email for it and it is provided quickly.

Drug Classification API pricing

Contact the data provider to inquire into access to trials and samples of the data so that you can work with the data before deciding to purchase the full API access. The test access is limited but will be able to give you a good insight into the complete API platform.

Price and cost of the API

Drugbank data access is ready to buy including documentation and constant provider support.
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