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Drugbank drugs API for fetching general information on drugs
The drugs API created by Drugbank outputs data with the goal of fetching general information on drugs. When filtering this API based on the drugbank_id, alternate_drugbank_ids, name, created_at, updated_at, drug_type and more you will get the output that you need for your project. There are boundless programs that are being made using the drugs general information API. Developers constantly come up with new ideas for using the data, let’s provide you with several possible cases; healthcare marketing, pharmaceutical comparison and analysis, providing information about drugs on healthcare platforms, healthcare research and more and surely there are much more customers can think about. The database is available for Austria, Canada, Colombia, European Union, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey and United States. A few examples of the type of company that uses it are healthcare marketing platforms, pharmaceutical companies, drug directory services and more, usually the clients might be small business, medium business and enterprises within the healthcare, marketing and pharmaceutical sector.

Drugs API endpoints


To be able to get a data response like in the example data output, clients need to communicate with the drugs general information API endpoint by sending a GET data request to the endpoint; with the right object parameters. To apply for the data request, input the data endpoint into the browser. The API documentation applies to all major programming languages, just add the API key parameter to the data endpoint URL and set it up to your personal key to begin receiving data. For the available objects and parameters, check the object table of the drugs API that explains it all.

Filtering methods for drugs data

Here you may find the available filter parameters with the drugs data.
drugbank_id drug_type clinical_description
alternate_drugbank_ids unii therapeutically_significant
name synonyms cas_number
created_at description groups
updated_at simple_description synthesis_references

API object descriptions for drugs data

Clarify the objects and the associated description by using the table to use the API system also make use of the different parameters applicable to be able to obtain the appropriate data as an output.
Objects Description
drugbank_id Other identifiers that may be associated with the drug.
alternate_drugbank_ids Alternate identifiers used for this drug in DrugBank.
description Descriptions of drug chemical properties, history and regulatory status.
updated_at Denotes when this drug was last updated in DrugBank.
created_at Date that this drug was first added to DrugBank.
cas_number The Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) registry number assigned to the drug.
unii Unique Ingredient Identifier (UNII) of this drug.
groups Other groups that this drug belongs to. May include any of: approved, vet_approved, nutraceutical, illicit, withdrawn, investigational, and experimental.
drug_type Either small_molecule, or biotech. Biotech is used for any drug that is derived from living systems or organisms, usually composed of high molecular weight mixtures of protein, while small_molecule describes a low molecular weight organic compound.
synthesis_references Citation for synthesis of the drug molecule.
synonyms Other names or identifiers that are associated with this drug.
organisms Organisms in which the drug may display activity; activity may depend on local susceptibility patterns and resistance.
ahfs_codes The American Hospital Formulary Service (AHFS) identifier for this drug.
food_interactions Food that may interact with this drug.

Drugs response output

Opt-in to the API system to request the full response outputbut customers can already find a preview of the data output here.
  "drugbank_id": "DB00244",
  "alternate_drugbank_ids": [
  "name": "Mesalazine",
  "description": "An anti-inflammatory agent, structurally related to the salicylates, which is active in inflammatory bowel disease. It is considered to be the active moiety of sulphasalazine. (From Martindale, The Extra Pharmacopoeia, 30th ed)",
  "updated_at": "2018-09-25",
  "created_at": "2005-06-13",
  "biotech_categories": null,
  "cas_number": "89-57-6",
  "unii": "4Q81I59GXC",
  "groups": [
  "drug_type": "small_molecule",
  "synthesis_references": "Thomas M. Parkinson, Joseph P. Brown, Robert E. Wingard, Jr., "Pharmaceutical preparations containing a polymeric agent for releasing 5-aminosalicylic acid or its salts into the gastrointestinal tract." U.S. Patent US4298595, issued January, 1975.",
  "synonyms": [
    "5-aminosalicylic acid",
    "m-Aminosalicylic acid"
  "organisms": [
    "Humans and other mammals"
  "ahfs_codes": [
  "food_interactions": [
    "Take without regard to meals."


There are SDKs available to support the designing of your system, simply request them and they will be emailed. Next use the filter parameters to choose the required output for you and with the drugs general information API output in JSON your project should be possible to design.

Drugs API pricing

Before making the decision to purchase data access you can ask for samples and trials of the drugs data. E-mail to ask for the test access and you can try the data. It will not be unlimited access but it is sufficient to be able to test the API system.

Cost and price of the API

The API by Drugbank is accessible with 3D secure payment and instant access to get data.
Price upon request

Free Trial

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