Commodity Prices API

Finnworlds commodity prices API for fetching spot and historical price and price change rates for commodities
This Finnworlds commodity prices API delivers data for the purpose of fetching spot and historical price and price change rates for commodities. The API is used by small business, medium business and enterprises, a few ideas of the type of company who uses it are investment platforms, commodity and finance-related websites, business platforms, commodity price analysts, business analysts, investment analysis and forecasting, and more. The clients use it within the investment, commoidty market, finance and business industry. The database has global data coverage available. You may filter the API to get the output determined by commodity_name and catagory. Programmers who are using the commodity prices data, use it for many possible use cases, some of which are; applications, website plugins, investment platforms and commodity market analysis, commodity market forecasting, machine learning projects and more. The possibilities are countless of course and it is sure that more projects occur, so play with the data for your use case and it will be intriguing to read what becomes of it.

Commodity Prices API endpoints

GET /v1/commodities
To use the data platform for fetching spot and historical price and price change rates for commodities, you should communicate with the API endpoint; /v1/commodities to obtain a similar response like in the response output of the example. To make the request, put the API endpoint in the browser. The API documentation applies to all major coding languages, simply include the API key parameter to the data endpoint URL and set it up to your private API key to start receiving the requested data. The object and description table defines the applicable objects and parameters output explanations.

API parameters for commodity prices data

Below you will find the applicable filters with the commodity prices API.

Commodity prices API object attributes

Make a request using the parameters available and use the table to interpret the objects with their associated description.
Objects Description
category Category of the commodity
commodity_name Name of the commodity
commodity_unit The unit of measurement related to this commodity
commodity_price The price of the commodity at last update
price_change_day The price change since last trading day
percentage_day The percentage change since last trading day
percentage_week The percentage change since last trading week
percentage_month The percentage change since last trading month
percentage_year The YoY percentage change
quarterX_YY The forecast of this commodity in future quarters
date The date and time that our system has updated the price

Commodity prices output response

Sign-up to the API system to request the complete responsebut you can already find a part of the response output on this page.
    "status": {
        "code": 200,
        "message": "OK",
        "details": ""
    "result": {
        "output": [
                "category": "energy",
                "commodity_name": "brent",
                "commodity_unit": "usd/bbl",
                "commodity_price": "90.398",
                "price_change_day": "1.222",
                "percentage_day": "-1.33%",
                "percentage_week": "-4.13%",
                "percentage_month": "-0.29%",
                "percentage_year": "6.25%",
                "quarter4_22": "104.512",
                "quarter1_23": "105.802",
                "quarter2_23": "95.713",
                "quarter3_23": "99.325",
                "date": "2022:10:18"
                "category": "energy",
                "commodity_name": "coal",
                "commodity_unit": "usd/t",
                "commodity_price": "392.15",
                "price_change_day": "0.35",
                "percentage_day": "-0.09%",
                "percentage_week": "1.46%",
                "percentage_month": "-10.68%",
                "percentage_year": "63.84%",
                "quarter4_22": "462.47",
                "quarter1_23": "500.994",
                "quarter2_23": "419.46",
                "quarter3_23": "446.338",
                "date": "2022:10:17"


There are software development kits accessible to assist the building of your project, simply email for them and they will be emailed. Next use the filter attributes to choose the required output for you and with the commodities API response in JSON your system will be easy to build.

Commodity Prices API pricing

Before you decide to buy data access you are able to request for samples and trials of the commodities data. E-mail and ask for the test access and you will be able to work with the data. It won’t be without limits but it will be enough to test the platform.

Cost and price of API

Finnworlds data access is available to buy monthly from $99 including documentation and constant provider support.
Option Price
Monthly subscription From $99/month
Variable pricing no

Discounted Trial

Discounted trial is available

Final details

The database goes back until 13 years, this makes it possible to get historical commodity prices data with the API also.

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