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Fixer latest exchange rates API for fetching real-time exchange rates
This Fixer latest exchange rates API holds data for fetching real-time exchange rates. Some possible use cases with the real-time exchange rates data are for example; applications, website plugins, business platforms, investment services, forex platforms, forex analysis, currency rate forecasting, machine learning projects and more. It is of course a possibility that customers have unique use cases which aren’t thought of previously. It would be interesting to read about these. A few ideas of the possible filters are base and symbols, use these to determine the data response. The API is used by small business, medium business and enterprises, they use it in the investment, forex and business sector. Several examples of the type of company that uses the API are investment platforms, news websites, business platforms, exchange rate analysis platforms, business analysts, investment analysis and forecasting, and more. This database covers global data.

Latest Exchange Rates API endpoints



Connect to the real-time forex API endpoint; /api/latest by sending a GET request for information to the endpoint with the appropriate parameters and obtain an response as in the example data. The endpoint has the purpose of fetching real-time exchange rates. Working with your API key parameter and connecting to it with your personal API key, you will start receiving data using any of the main coding languages. The table clarifies the possible objects and parameters response explanations. In order to make the data request, put the data endpoint in the browser.

Data parameters

See below the filters applicable in relation to the latest exchange rates API.

Latest exchange rates API data attributes

Generate an API call using the available parameters and use the table to interpret the objects with their associated description.
Objects Description
success Returns true or false depending on whether or not your API request has succeeded.
timestamp Returns the exact date and time (UNIX time stamp) the given rates were collected.
base Returns the three-letter currency code of the base currency used for this request.
rates Returns exchange rate data for the currencies you have requested.

Latest exchange rates response output

Opt-in for the API to call the complete data outputbut you can already see an example of the output response here.
    "success": true,
    "timestamp": 1519296206,
    "base": "USD",
    "date": "2022-10-24",
    "rates": {
        "GBP": 0.72007,
        "JPY": 107.346001,
        "EUR": 0.813399,


Use whichever of the filter attributes to filter the real-time forex data that is needed. The API platform delivers response in JSON format and for programming languages such as; phyton, r, matlab, c++, node. Js, go, php, haskell, net, java, javascript, typescript, tensorflow and ruby there are SDKs accessible, now just request it and it should be sent soon.

Latest Exchange Rates API pricing

Contact the data provider to ask for access to trials and samples of the data so that you can experiment with the data before deciding to buy the complete API access. The sample access is limited but is able to provide you with a decent idea of the full API platform.

API cost and pricing

The API developed by Fixer is accessible monthly from $14.99 with secure payment and immediate access to get data.
Option Price
Monthly subscription From $14.99/month
Variable pricing no

Free Trial

Free trial is available

More info

With the real-time forex data clients can determine the data frequency to be every 60 minutes, every 10 minutes or every 60 seconds. So clients can access the data as up-to-date as required.

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