Container Legs API

Container legs API for fetching details of cargo legs in bulk or on a specific ocean shipment
Get access to the database of Flexport and use this container legs API for the purpose of fetching details of cargo legs in bulk or on a specific ocean shipment. The database covers global data. People use it within the freight, maritime, logistics, import, export and trade industry. A few ideas of the type of business using the API are freight and logistics companies, importers, exporters and international traders, generally the customers can be small business, medium business and enterprises. With the system you can filter based on page, per, f. Shipment. Id, f. Container_number, f. Metadata and id to receive the response output you would like. Some possible use cases for the container legs data are for example; displaying freight cargo container leg details, eCommerce optimization, simplifying supply chain tasks, creating/optimizing maritime operations and more. It is also imaginable that clients have different use cases that haven’t been thought of before. It would be amazing to hear about them.

Container Legs API endpoints

GET /ocean/shipment_container_legs
GET /ocean/shipment_container_legs/{id}
In order to use this system for fetching details of cargo legs in bulk or on a specific ocean shipment, customers need to connect with the API endpoint; /ocean/shipment_container_legs to receive a similar output as in the example data output. Using your API key parameter and setting it up with your private key, you can start receiving data working with any of the leading coding languages. In order to apply for the data request, input the data endpoint into the browser. For the applicable objects and parameters, check the object table of the container legs API which describes it.

Container legs data filters

Find here the filters applicable for the container legs data.
page id

Data object description

Generate a request by using the different parameters and use the table to clarify the objects with their description.
Objects Description

Container legs API output response

On this page customers may see the response output preview. Sign-up for the complete response due to this being incomplete to be able to make it readable.
  "_object": "/api/response",
  "self": "https://api.flexport.com/ocean/shipment_container_legs",
  "version": 2,
  "data": {
    "_object": "/api/collections/paginated",
    "prev": "https://api.flexport.com/ocean/shipment_container_legs?page=1",
    "next": "https://api.flexport.com/ocean/shipment_container_legs?page=3",
    "data": [
        "_object": "/ocean/shipment_container_leg",
        "shipment_container": {
          "_object": "/api/refs/object",
          "ref_type": "/ocean/shipment_container",
          "link": "https://api.flexport.com/ocean/shipment_containers/123",
          "id": 123
        "leg": {
          "_object": "/api/refs/object",
          "ref_type": "/shipment_leg",
          "link": "https://api.flexport.com/shipment_legs/123",
          "id": 123
        "dates": [
            "actual_loaded_on_board_date": "2019-01-18T22:08:38.599Z"


It is a JSON API and in the event that customers need software development kits, these are available for JAVA, C#, PHP, Python, Javascript, Scala, Swift, NodeJS, R, Ruby, VueJS, Strest, Rust, Go, JQuery and Angular. Just ask for it and they should be sent. Begin using the filter attributes and use the response with the SDKs and design the system.

Container Legs API pricing

Before you decide to buy API access you are able to inquire into samples and trials of the cargo container legs API. Contact to inquire into the trial access and you will be able to try the data. It won’t be unlimited access but it should be enough to test the system.

Price and cost of API

Flexport data access is ready to buy including documentation and provider support.
Price upon request


trial is available

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