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Global Database company overview API for finding companies based on search criteria
This Global Database company overview API outputs data with the goal of finding companies based on search criteria. When filtering the system based on the country_code, name, registration_number, vat_number, website, phone_number and more you will get the output which you need for your platform. The API covers global data. Developers who use this company lookup data, use it for many possible use cases, some of which are; building company lookup features, analyzing prospective b2b leads, competition intelligence, business intelligence, b2b marketing solutions, company analysis, applications, website plugins and more. The options are boundless ofcourse and it is certain that alternative possible use cases come to mind, so play with the data for your business case and it should be exciting to see what becomes of it. It is used by small business, medium business and enterprises, the customers use the data in the b2b marketing, market analysis, b2b leads, business intelligence, business analysis, competition analysis and more industry. A few examples of the type of company who uses the API are b2b marketers, business analysts, business intelligence analysts, b2b decision makers, competition intelligence platforms and more.

Company Overview API endpoints

GET /v2/overview
In order to receive a data response like in the example data output, you need to connect to the company basic info API endpoint by sending a GET request to the endpoint; /v2/overview with the right parameters. Place the API endpoint in the URL to make the data request. The object and description table demonstrates the possible objects and parameters response explanations. Using the API key parameter and setting it up with your private key, you will start receiving data by using any of the leading programming languages.

Filter parameters for company overview API

Find below the parameters available for the company overview API.
country_code phone_number
name person
registration_number company_status
vat_number page

Data object attributes

Compose a call with the parameters available and make use of the table to understand the objects with their related description.
Objects Description
id Company ID
name Company name
status Company Status
country_code Country code
registration_number Registration Number

Company overview output response

Subscribe for the API system to call the complete data responsebut clients can already see part of the data response on this page.
    "total_results": 8,
    "total_pages": 2,
    "data": [
            "id": "22401777", //(String) Company ID
            "name": "DATABASE SERVICE PROVIDER GLOBAL LTD", //(String) Company name
            "status": "Active", //(String) Company Status
            "country_code": "GB", //(String) Country code
            "registration_number": "03898451" //(String) Registration Number
            "id": "32019088",
            "status": "Active",
            "country_code": "GB",
            "registration_number": "11189294"
            "id": "28943006",
            "status": "Active",
            "country_code": "GB",
            "registration_number": "08796841"
            "id": "32544410",
            "status": "Active",
            "country_code": "GB",
            "registration_number": "11589671"
            "id": "22584291",
            "status": "Active",
            "country_code": "GB",
            "registration_number": "04036430"


There are SDKs accessible to support the development of your platform, just email for them and they will be emailed. Then use the filter attributes to filter the required output for you and with the company lookup API output in JSON your system should be easy to develop.

Company Overview API pricing

Before making the decision to purchase data access you can request for samples and trials of the company lookup data. E-mail and request for the test access and you can try the API. It will not be unlimited access but it will be enough to be able to test the system.

Cost and price of the API

The API by Global Database is accessible with secure payment option and instant authorization.
Price upon request

Free Trial

Free trial is available

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