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Coupon API for fetching the latest coupons and deals from 2000+ online Stores by Linkmydeals
The coupon API made by Linkmydeals delivers data for the purpose of fetching the latest coupons and deals from 2000+ online Stores. The API has global data coverage available. There are boundless programs that are being designed using the coupon data. Developers continue to come with new ideas to use the data, here are a few potential cases; applications, website plugins, price and product comparison, consumer and product analysis and more and certainly there are more clients can come up with. It is used by small business, medium business and enterprises, they use the data within the online shopping, advertising, customer success, e-commerce and more industry. A few examples of the type of company who uses it are advertisers, online shopping and price comparison platforms, marketers, product analysts and more. When filtering the API based on the format, incremental, last_extract and off_record you will get the output that you need for your system.

Coupon API endpoints



Send an information request using GET to the data endpoint, using the applicable parameters such as in the example and get the associated data output. Use the endpoint; /getOffers/ for fetching the latest coupons and deals from 2000+ online Stores with the coupon API. In order to obtain the response desired, use the parameters and objects as described in the object table. Input the data endpoint into the URL to execute the request. The API documentation applies to all leading programming languages, simply include your API key parameter to the data endpoint URL and set it up to your personal API key to start receiving the requested data.

API filters

The coupon data has the below mentioned filter parameters available that can be used.

Coupon API data description

Compose a data request with the parameters applicable and use the table to interpret the objects with their description.
Objects Description
lmd_id Unique ID of the offer maintained by LinkMyDeals
Status In case of Incremental Feed, this will be new/updated/suspended
Title Offer title
Description Offer description stating all important Terms & Conditions
Type Coupon Code or Deal
Coupon Code Code to be applied to avail the offer. Empty in case of a deal
Offer Type of offer, i.e. Percentage Off, Price Off, Cashback, BOGO, Sign-Up, etc
Offer Value The exact percentage or price that is discounted on using the offer
Store Name of the Online store
Categories Comma separated list of all categories
URL URL of the Landing page
Image Image URL
Affiliate Link Deeplink by your preferred Affiliate Network
Publisher Exclusive Unique Coupon Code/Deal especially for you (Only for Exclusive plan members)
Start Date Date from which offer is applicable
End Date Date when the offer expires

Response output of coupon API

Here clients can see the data output example. Sign-up to the full output response due to this being incomplete to make it more readable.
					Code unavailable

Software development kit

There are SDKs available to help the designing of your platform, just ask for them and they will be sent. After this use the filter parameters to filter the right output for you and with the online coupon API output in JSON your project will be possible to develop.

Coupon API pricing

Samples and trials access is available if requested, simply get in contact and request it. You should be able to use the online coupon data and find out if it is exactly what you are looking for. After testing the API, people can decide if they are ready to continue with the paid version.

API cost and pricing

The API by Linkmydeals is available monthly from $2.99 with secure payment and instant access to fetch data.
Option Price
Monthly subscription From $2.99/month
Variable pricing no

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