Property Details API

Property details API for retrieving the property's detailed dataset
This property details API created by Mashvisor maintains data for retrieving the property’s detailed dataset. When filtering this system based on the id, state, parcel_number, mls_id, address, city and more you will get the output that you need for your project. There are endless programs that are being developed using the property details data. Programmers constantly come with new ideas to use the data, here are certain possible cases; analysing real-estate and properties, airbnb profit calculation and similar and most certainly there are more clients can come up with. This API is available in the US. Clients use the data in the real-estate, hospitality, accommodation, property listing, and travel industry. Several ideas of the type of business using the API are property listing platforms and websites, real-estate analysts, accommodation services and more, usually the customers are small business, medium business and enterprises.

Property Details API endpoints

GET /client/property
To obtain a data response like in the response output of the example, clients need to communicate to the get property details data endpoint by sending a GET data request to the endpoint; /client/property with the right object parameters. Working with the API key parameter and setting it to your private key, you will begin receiving data by using any of the leading coding languages. In order to apply for the data request, input the data endpoint in the URL field. For the appropriate parameters and objects, check the table of the property details API which describes it.

Property details data parameters

Find below the filters available for the property details data.
id city
state zip_code

Data object attributes

Make use of the object table to understand the objects with their associated description and generate an API call with the different parameters.
Objects Description
etc etc

Output response of property details API

Sign-up for the system to call the full responsebut customers can already see a preview of the response in the code box.
  "status": "success",
  "content": {
    "stateInterest": {
      "state": "GA",
      "thirtyYearFixed": 4.41,
      "thirtyYearFixedCount": 0,
      "fifteenYearFixed": 3.83,
      "fifteenYearFixedCount": 0,
      "fiveOneARM": 3.95,
      "fiveOneARMCount": 0
    "isShortSale": null,
    "source": "Property Services of Atlanta,  Inc.",
    "yearBuilt": 2005,
    "nextOpenHouseEndTime": null,
    "sqft": 1566,
    "lastSaleDate": "2017-03-23 00:00:00",
    "id": 2214791,
    "state": "GA",
    "county": "DeKalb",
    "longitude": -84.51863861083984,
    "zip": 30331,
    "image": {
      "image": "",
      "url": "",
      "width": 100,
      "height": 100
    "extra_images": [
    "videos": [],
    "virtual_tours": [],
    "tax": 1765,
    "mls_id": "8655658",
    "daysOnMarket": 3,
    "neighborhood": {
      "country": "United States",
      "image": "",
      "city": "Atlanta",
      "singleHomeValue": 140000,
      "mashMeter": 67.49,
      "latitude": 33.692139,
      "description": null,
      "singleHomeValue_formatted": "$140,000",
      "is_village": false,
      "mashMeter_formatted": 67.49,
      "name": "Fairburn",
      "id": 403452,
      "state": "GA",
      "longitude": -84.522495,
      "walkscore": 14,
      "airbnb_properties_count": 6,
      "traditional_properties_count": 0
    "homeType": "Single Family Residential",
    "property_type": "Residential",
    "property_sub_type": "Single Family Detached",
    "beds": 4,
    "num_of_units": null,
    "favorite": null,
    "city": "Atlanta",
    "saleType": "MLS Listing",
    "latitude": 33.69144821166992,
    "description": "It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.",
    "nextOpenHouseDate": null,
    "recentReductionDate": null,
    "title": "Single Family Detached, Traditional - Atlanta, GA",
    "rent_appreciation_rate": null,
    "originalListPrice": null,
    "parkingSpots": 1,
    "parkingType": "Attached",
    "address": "2333 Daniel",
    "nextOpenHouseStartTime": null,
    "lotSize": 5663,
    "agents": [
        "id": 39995,
        "office_id": 8461
    "url": "!/property/analysis/fairburn-atlanta-ga/2333-daniel/home/2214766",
    "baths": 3,
    "address_revealing": true,
    "location": "Fairburn",
    "interested": null,
    "listPrice": 125000,
    "price_per_sqft": 79.82120051085569,
    "lastSalePrice": 145000,
    "is_foreclosure": 0,
    "foreclosure_status": null,
    "occupancy_status": null,
    "owner_occupied": false,
    "heating_system": "Fireplace",
    "cooling_system": "Ceiling Fan(s)",
    "hoa_dues": null,
    "view_type": null,
    "parcel_number": "14F-0032-0005-068-9",
    "architecture_style": "New Traditional",
    "has_pool": null,
    "is_water_front": null,
    "needs_repair": 0,
    "tenant_occupied": 0,
    "is_market_place": 0,
    "schools": [
        "category": "Elementary",
        "name": "Deerwood Academy",
        "district": null
        "category": "High",
        "name": "Therrell",
        "district": null
        "category": "JuniorHigh",
        "name": null,
        "district": null
        "category": "Middle",
        "name": "Bunche",
        "district": null
    "modification_timestamp": "2019-09-08T18:40:39.000Z",
    "created_at": "2019-09-09T05:23:45.000Z",
    "updated_at": "2019-09-09T05:23:45.000Z"

Software development kits

This is a JSON system and in the event that clients need SDKs, they are accessible for PHP, Javascript, Angular, JQuery, JAVA, R, C#, NodeJS, Python, Ruby, VueJS, Strest, Swift, Rust, Go and Scala. Just email for it and they are sent. Begin using the filter attributes and combine the output with the SDKs and design the system.

Property Details API pricing

Samples and trials access is free if requested, just make contact and inquire for it. Clients can use the get property details API and check if this is precisely what clients are looking for. After examinating the API, people can decide if they want to continue with the premium version.

Price and cost of API

Mashvisor data access is available to purchase monthly from $17.99 including documentation and constant provider support.
Option Price
Monthly subscription From $17.99/month
Variable pricing no

Free Trial

Free trial is available

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