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Property details API for retrieving the property's detailed dataset by Mashvisor
Get access to the data made by Mashvisor and adopt this property details API for retrieving the property’s detailed dataset. There are boundless platforms which are being designed with the use of the property details data. Developers constantly come up with new ideas for using the data, let’s provide you with some potential cases; analysing real-estate and properties, airbnb profit calculation and similar and of course there are much more customers can realise. This database is available in The US. You can filter the data to get the response determined by id, state, parcel_number, mls_id, address, city and more. Clients use the data within the real-estate, hospitality, accommodation, property listing, and travel industry. Some ideas of the type of business using the data are property listing platforms and websites, real-estate analysts, accommodation services and more, generally the clients are small business, medium business and enterprises.

Property Details API endpoints



Communicate to the property information API endpoint; /client/property by sending a GET request for information to the endpoint with the available parameters and receive a similar output like in the example data. This endpoint is built for retrieving the property’s detailed dataset. Put the data endpoint into the URL to execute the request. The parameter table defines the applicable objects and parameters response explanations. All leading programming languages function with the data output. You simply need to attach the private key as an endpoint parameter and you will begin receiving the data.

Data filters for property details API

Find below the filters available in relation to the property details data.
id city
state zip_code

Property details API object description

Make use of the object table to interpret the objects with their related description and make a request using the different parameters available.
Objects Description
etc etc

Output response of property details API

Sign-up for the API to call the full data responsebut customers can already see an example of the data response in the code box.
  "status": "success",
  "content": {
    "stateInterest": {
      "state": "GA",
      "thirtyYearFixed": 4.41,
      "thirtyYearFixedCount": 0,
      "fifteenYearFixed": 3.83,
      "fifteenYearFixedCount": 0,
      "fiveOneARM": 3.95,
      "fiveOneARMCount": 0
    "isShortSale": null,
    "source": "Property Services of Atlanta,  Inc.",
    "yearBuilt": 2005,
    "nextOpenHouseEndTime": null,
    "sqft": 1566,
    "lastSaleDate": "2017-03-23 00:00:00",
    "id": 2214791,
    "state": "GA",
    "county": "DeKalb",
    "longitude": -84.51863861083984,
    "zip": 30331,
    "image": {
      "image": "",
      "url": "",
      "width": 100,
      "height": 100
    "extra_images": [
    "videos": [],
    "virtual_tours": [],
    "tax": 1765,
    "mls_id": "8655658",
    "daysOnMarket": 3,
    "neighborhood": {
      "country": "United States",
      "image": "",
      "city": "Atlanta",
      "singleHomeValue": 140000,
      "mashMeter": 67.49,
      "latitude": 33.692139,
      "description": null,
      "singleHomeValue_formatted": "$140,000",
      "is_village": false,
      "mashMeter_formatted": 67.49,
      "name": "Fairburn",
      "id": 403452,
      "state": "GA",
      "longitude": -84.522495,
      "walkscore": 14,
      "airbnb_properties_count": 6,
      "traditional_properties_count": 0
    "homeType": "Single Family Residential",
    "property_type": "Residential",
    "property_sub_type": "Single Family Detached",
    "beds": 4,
    "num_of_units": null,
    "favorite": null,
    "city": "Atlanta",
    "saleType": "MLS Listing",
    "latitude": 33.69144821166992,
    "description": "It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.",
    "nextOpenHouseDate": null,
    "recentReductionDate": null,
    "title": "Single Family Detached, Traditional - Atlanta, GA",
    "rent_appreciation_rate": null,
    "originalListPrice": null,
    "parkingSpots": 1,
    "parkingType": "Attached",
    "address": "2333 Daniel",
    "nextOpenHouseStartTime": null,
    "lotSize": 5663,
    "agents": [
        "id": 39995,
        "office_id": 8461
    "url": "!/property/analysis/fairburn-atlanta-ga/2333-daniel/home/2214766",
    "baths": 3,
    "address_revealing": true,
    "location": "Fairburn",
    "interested": null,
    "listPrice": 125000,
    "price_per_sqft": 79.82120051085569,
    "lastSalePrice": 145000,
    "is_foreclosure": 0,
    "foreclosure_status": null,
    "occupancy_status": null,
    "owner_occupied": false,
    "heating_system": "Fireplace",
    "cooling_system": "Ceiling Fan(s)",
    "hoa_dues": null,
    "view_type": null,
    "parcel_number": "14F-0032-0005-068-9",
    "architecture_style": "New Traditional",
    "has_pool": null,
    "is_water_front": null,
    "needs_repair": 0,
    "tenant_occupied": 0,
    "is_market_place": 0,
    "schools": [
        "category": "Elementary",
        "name": "Deerwood Academy",
        "district": null
        "category": "High",
        "name": "Therrell",
        "district": null
        "category": "JuniorHigh",
        "name": null,
        "district": null
        "category": "Middle",
        "name": "Bunche",
        "district": null
    "modification_timestamp": "2019-09-08T18:40:39.000Z",
    "created_at": "2019-09-09T05:23:45.000Z",
    "updated_at": "2019-09-09T05:23:45.000Z"


There are software development kits available to assist the building of your system, just ask for them and they should be sent. Then use the filter attributes to filter the right output for you and with the get property details API response in JSON your platform should be easy to build.

Property Details API pricing

If clients want to have test access to the get property details API before purchasing, there are sample and trial datasets accessible so write an email and request for the test API connection. When clients have worked a bit a little with the the data, you can determine if you wish to buy complete connection to this database.

API pricing

Mashvisor data access is available to purchase monthly from $17.99 inclusive of API documentation and data provider support.
Option Price
Monthly subscription From $17.99/month
Variable pricing no

Free Trial

Free trial is available

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