Air Quality History API

Air quality history API for fetching hourly history air quality data at a given location by Meersens
This air quality history API made by Meersens maintains data for the purpose of fetching hourly history air quality data at a given location. It is usually intriguing to hear about new programs that use the historical air quality API, it is possible to imagine some business cases with this data but a few ideas are; applications, website plugins, weather services, air quality forecasting, air quality analysis, environment and climate change analysis, machine learning projects and more. Programmers frequently find new ways to make use of the data from the API system and make new projects. The database has global data coverage available. Customers may filter the API to get the response based on lat, lng, from, to and index_type. Some ideas of the type of business that uses the API are weather platforms, air quality analysts, environment and climate change platforms, and more, generally they are small business, medium business and enterprises in the weather, air quality and environment industry.

Air Quality History API endpoints



To use this API system for fetching hourly history air quality data at a given location, clients should connect with the API endpoint; /environment/public/air/history to get a similar output like in the example data output. Input the endpoint into the URL to execute the data request. All major coding languages function with the data output. Customers simply need to connect the personal API key as an endpoint parameter and customers can start receiving data. The parameter table demonstrates the available objects and parameters response explanations.

Filter parameters for air quality history API

The air quality history data has the below mentioned parameters applicable that can be filtered with.

API object attributes

Generate a data request by using the different parameters and make use of the table to clarify the objects with their associated description.
Objects Description
found Whether at least one pollutant value has been found over the period.
values Array of hourly air quality values.
values.datetime ISO_8601 UTC datetime indicating the time the data refers to for this hourly entry.
values.index Air quality index object for this hourly entry.
values.index.index_type Unique identifier of the returned air quality index.
values.index.index_name Name of the returned air quality index.
values.index.qualification Air quality index textual representation.
values.index.description Air quality index textual assessment.
values.index.icon Air quality level associated icon (if any, otherwise null).
values.index.color Air quality level hexadecimal color code.
values.index.value Air quality level value (for numeric indexes only, otherwise null).
values.index.main_pollutants Array of main pollutants identifiers.
values.pollutants Dictionary of available pollutants at the requested point for this hourly entry.
values.pollutants.shortcode Pollutant textual shortcode. Pollutant full name.
values.pollutants.unit Unit in which the pollutant value is returned.
values.pollutants.found Whether the pollutant value has been found.
values.pollutants.value Value of the pollutant in specified unit.
values.pollutants.confidence Pollutant value confidence.
values.pollutants.index Pollutant specific index information
etc etc

Response output of the air quality history API

Subscribe for the API system to request the complete responsebut customers can already find a preview of the data response here.
    "found": true,
    "values": [
            "datetime": "2021-11-07T22:00:00.000Z",
            "pollutants": {    
                "no2": {
                    "found": true,
                    "name": "Nitrogen dioxide",
                    "shortcode": "NO2",
                    "unit": "µg/m³",
                    "value": 11.3,
                    "confidence": 4.5,
                    "index": {
                        "index_type": "meersens",
                        "index_name": "Meersens",
                        "qualification": "Good",
                        "icon": null,
                        "color": "#05b3a4",
                        "description": "That air quality level won’t present a risk for health for an exposure time superior to decades",
                        "value": 9.61
                "co": {...},
                "o3": {...},
                "pm10": {...},
                "pm25": {...},
                "so2": {...}
            "index": {
                "index_type": "meersens",
                "index_name": "Meersens",
                "qualification": "Correct",
                "icon": null,
                "color": "#44b001",
                "value": 32.62,
                "main_pollutants": [
            "found": true

Software development kit

There are SDKs available to assist the development of your project, simply email for them and they should be emailed. Then use the filter parameters to filter the required output for you and with the air quality history API output in JSON your platform will be clear to develop.

Air Quality History API pricing

Trials and samples access is freely available if requested, simply get in contact and request it. Customers should be able to use the historical air quality API and find out if it is precisely that what customers are seeking for. After trying it, people can determine if they want to move on with the premium version.

Cost and price of the API

The API developed by Meersens is accessible with 3D secure payment and prompt access to fetch data.
Price upon request

Free Trial

Free trial is available

More information

The historical air quality data can be provided hourly and should be actual based on these frequencies.

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