City Location API

Opentripmap city location API for fetching geographic coordinates for the given placename
The city location API by Opentripmap holds data with the goal of fetching geographic coordinates for the given placename. Some ideas of the possible filters are lang, name and country, use these to decide the API output. A few examples of the type of business who uses it are geolocation data services, travel and booking websites, mobile app developers, map platforms, location analysis platforms and more, generally the customers could be small business, medium business and enterprises within the geolocation, travel, and location intelligence industry. Several business cases for the populated place API are for example; building map features, displaying city information on websites, worldwide population analysis, applications, website plugins, travel platforms and websites and more. It is of course possible that customers have unique use cases which haven’t been thought of before. It is amazing to read about them. The API has global data coverage available.

City Location API endpoints



To use this platform for fetching geographic coordinates for the given placename, clients should connect to the API endpoint; /{lang}/places/geoname to obtain a similar response as in the response output of the example. To make request, input the data endpoint into the URL field. The API documentation works with all main programming languages, simply add your API key parameter to the API endpoint URL and set it up to your private key to begin receiving the required data. For the available parameters and objects, check the table of the city location API which explains it all.

Data filters for city location API

Below you can find the available parameters for the city location data.

Data object attributes for city location API

Generate a request with the applicable parameters and use the table to clarify the objects with their related description.
Objects Description
country 2-digit country code
timezone City time zone
name City name
lon City longitude
lat City latitude
population City population

City location output response

Sign-up for the API to call the complete data responsebut customers can already see part of the data output on this page.
  "country": "RU",
  "timezone": "Europe/Moscow",
  "name": "Moscow",
  "lon": 37.61556,
  "lat": 55.75222,
  "population": 10381222


There are SDKs accessible to support the building of your system, just request them and they should be emailed. After this use the filter parameters to filter the right output for you and with the city population API output in JSON your system will be easy to design.

City Location API pricing

If you wish to have trial access to this global city population API before purchasing, there are trial and sample data sets accessible so get in contact and inquire into the test data access. When you have worked a bit a little with the the API, you may determine if you wish to buy complete connection to the service.

Cost of this API

Opentripmap City Location API is accessible with the price tag starting monthly from $19 with 3D secure payment.
Option Price
Monthly subscription From $19/month
Variable pricing no

Free Trial

Free trial is available

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