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Company Enrichment API

Company enrichment API for getting a one-to-one company match
This company enrichment API by People Data Labs delivers data with the purpose of getting a one-to-one company match. Customers use the data in the b2b marketing, market analysis, b2b leads, business intelligence, business analysis, competition analysis and more industry. Some ideas of the type of business using it are b2b marketers, business analysts, business intelligence analysts, b2b decision makers, competition intelligence platforms and more, generally the clients could be small business, medium business and enterprises. When filtering the API based on the name, profile, ticker, website, location, street_address and more you can get the response that you need for your platform. There are countless programs that are being designed with the use of the company details data. Developers continue to come with new ideas for using the API, here we have a few possible cases; building B2B sales and marketing strategies, research, business analysis and more and ofcourse there are more clients can think about.

Company Enrichment API endpoints



In order to use this platform for getting a one-to-one company match, you need to connect to the API endpoint; /v5/company/enrich/ to get a similar output like in the example data output. Place the data endpoint in the URL to execute the request. The table defines the appropriate objects and parameters response explanations. The API documentation applies to all major programming languages, just add the API key parameter to the API endpoint URL and set it up to your private key to start receiving data.

API filtering methods for company enrichment data

Here you will see the applicable parameters with the company enrichment data.
name street_address data_include
profile locality pretty
ticker region api_key
website country titlecase
location postal_code include_if_matched

API attributes for company enrichment data

Make use of the object table to understand the objects with their associated description and make a request with the possible parameters.
Objects Description
etc etc

Company enrichment response output

Here you can find the response output preview. Opt-in for the complete output due to this being incomplete to be able to make it more readable.
  "status": 200,
  "name": "google",
  "size": "10001+",
  "employee_count": 260979,
  "id": "google",
  "founded": 1998,
  "industry": "internet",
  "location": {
    "name": "mountain view, california, united states",
    "locality": "mountain view",
    "region": "california",
    "metro": "san francisco, california",
    "country": "united states",
    "continent": "north america",
    "street_address": "1600 amphitheatre parkway",
    "address_line_2": null,
    "postal_code": "94043",
    "geo": null
  "linkedin_id": "1441",
  "linkedin_url": "",
  "facebook_url": "",
  "twitter_url": "",
  "profiles": [
  "website": "",
  "ticker": "GOOGL",
  "type": "public",
  "summary": "googleu2019s mission is to organize the worldu2018s information and make it universally accessible and useful. since our founding in 1998, google has grown by leaps and bounds. from offering search in a single language we now offer dozens of products and servicesu2014including various forms of advertising and web applications for all kinds of tasksu2014in scores of languages. and starting from two computer science students in a university dorm room, we now have thousands of employees and offices around the world. a lot has changed since the first google search engine appeared. but some things havenu2019t changed: our dedication to our users and our belief in the possibilities of the internet itself.",
  "tags": [
    "online video",
    "artificial intelligence",
    "machine learning",
    "virtual reality",
  "headline": null,
  "alternative_names": [
    "google inc.",
    "google, social marketing tools",
    "google, inc.",
    "google inc",
    "google, inc",
    "google summer of code",
    "google maps",
    "google ireland",
    "wildfire, a division of google",
    "wildfire interactive, inc."
  "alternative_domains": [
  "affiliated_profiles": [
  "likelihood": 4

Software development kit

The data output via the API system is available as JSON format and SDKs are accessible if required for all major programming languages such as; PHP, Javascript, Angular, JQuery, JAVA, R, C#, NodeJS, PHP, Python, Ruby, VueJS, Strest, Swift, Rust, Go and Scala. Simply filter the company identification API using any of the filter attributes and use the SDKs to build the system.

Company Enrichment API pricing

Before you determine to buy data access you can inquire into samples and trials of the company identification API. Email to request for the trial access and you should be able to work with the API. It will not be without limits but it should be sufficient to be able to test the API system.

API cost and pricing

You can immediately access People Data Labs API with the price tag starting monthly from $99 or directly contact the data provider to have more information today.
Option Price
Monthly subscription From $99/month
Variable pricing no

Free Trial

Free trial is available

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