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Person Identify API

People Data Labs person identify API for identifying details on persons
This People Data Labs person identify API maintains data with the purpose of identifying details on persons. Some examples of the type of company that uses the API are talent and HR agents, KYC and B2C platforms, sales representatives and marketers, researchers, risk analysts and more, typically the customers can be small business, medium business and enterprises within the sales and marketing, research, talent acquisition, identity risk, KYC and B2C sector. With this system you can filter based on name, first_name, last_name, location, street_address, locality and more to attain the response output you would like. There are countless systems that are being designed using the person identification data. Developers continue to come up with new ideas to use the data, let’s provide you with a few potential cases; building sales and marketing strategies, talent acquisition, research, risk analysis and more and ofcourse there are more clients can come up with.

Person Identify API endpoints



Send an information request through GET to the API endpoint, using the available filter object such as in the example and get the associated response output. Use the endpoint; /v5/person/identify for identifying details on persons with the person identify system. Input the data endpoint into the URL to make the data request. For the available parameters and objects, check the object and description table of the person identify API that describes it all. All leading coding languages work with the API output. Clients just need to attach the private key as an endpoint parameter and clients can start receiving the data.

Data filter parameters

See below the filters available in relation to the person identify API.
name locality phone
first_name region email
last_name postal_code email_hash
location company profile
street_address school lid

API attributes for person identify data

Use the object table to interpret the objects with their associated description and generate a call with the parameters applicable.
Objects Description
status The API response code
matches A list of up to 20 profiles matching the input criteria from the API request. The API only returns profiles with a match_score greater than 5 (out of 100.)
matches.match_score An integer between 1-99 drawn from a probability-like distribution representing the matching strength between a profile and the input criteria. In other words, the probability that this record is the record you are looking for based on your query. The field attributes associated with this profile. For a list of fields, see the Person Schema.
matches.matched_on A list of data fields that the API matched for this profile. The API only returns this if you set the include_if_matched input parameter to true.

Output response of the person identify API

Here is an example data output of the endpoint request. There is more data available, it is limited to be able to make it more readable. Opt-in for the API system and gain access to the complete output.
  "status": 200,
  "matches": [
      "data": {
        "id": "qEnOZ5Oh0poWnQ1luFBfVw_0000",
        "full_name": "sean thorne",
        "first_name": "sean",
        "middle_initial": "f",
        "middle_name": "fong",
        "last_name": "thorne",
        "gender": "male",
        "birth_year": 1990,
        "birth_date": null,
        "linkedin_url": "",
        "linkedin_username": "seanthorne",
        "linkedin_id": "145991517",
        "facebook_url": "",
        "facebook_username": "deseanthorne",
        "facebook_id": "1089351304",
        "twitter_url": "",
        "twitter_username": "seanthorne5",
        "github_url": null,
        "github_username": null,
        "work_email": "",
        "personal_emails": [],
        "mobile_phone": "+14155688415",
        "industry": "computer software",
        "job_title": "co-founder and chief executive officer",
        "job_title_role": null,
        "job_title_sub_role": null,
        "job_title_levels": [
        "job_company_id": "peopledatalabs",
        "job_company_name": "people data labs",
        "job_company_website": "",
        "job_company_size": "11-50",
        "job_company_founded": 2015,
        "job_company_industry": "computer software",
        "job_company_linkedin_url": "",
        "job_company_linkedin_id": "18170482",
        "job_company_facebook_url": "",
        "job_company_twitter_url": null,
        "job_company_type": "private",
        "job_company_ticker": null,
        "job_company_location_name": "san francisco, california, united states",
        "job_company_location_locality": "san francisco",
        "job_company_location_metro": "san francisco, california",
        "job_company_location_region": "california",
        "job_company_location_geo": "37.77,-122.41",
        "job_company_location_street_address": "455 market street",
        "job_company_location_address_line_2": "suite 1670",
        "job_company_location_postal_code": "94105",
        "job_company_location_country": "united states",
        "job_company_location_continent": "north america",
        "job_last_updated": "2021-12-15",
        "job_start_date": "2015-03",
        "job_summary": "People Data Labs builds people data. Leverage our dataset of 1.5 billion unique person profiles as your data foundation to build products, enrich person profiles, power predictive modeling/AI, analysis, and more. We build and maintain our data from our powerful Data Union. We work with thousands of data science teams as their engineering focused people data partner. These include enterprises like adidas, eBay, and Acxiom, as well as startups like Madison Logic, Zoho, and Workable. Backed by Founders Fund. I consult with our engineering customers to solve people data building challenges -",
        "location_name": "san francisco, california, united states",
        "location_locality": "san francisco",
        "location_metro": "san francisco, california",
        "location_region": "california",
        "location_country": "united states",
        "location_continent": "north america",
        "location_street_address": null,
        "location_address_line_2": null,
        "location_postal_code": null,
        "location_geo": "37.77,-122.41",
        "location_last_updated": "2021-12-15",
        "linkedin_connections": 10135,
        "inferred_salary": ">250,000",
        "inferred_years_experience": 9,
        "summary": "Interested in solving the hardest problems the enterprise is facing.",
        "phone_numbers": [
        "emails": [
            "address": "",
            "type": null
            "address": "",
            "type": "professional"


The data response through the API is provided as JSON format and SDKs are accessible by email for all main programming languages such as; PHP, Javascript, Angular, JQuery, JAVA, R, C#, NodeJS, PHP, Python, Ruby, VueJS, Strest, Swift, Rust, Go and Scala. Now simply filter the person id data with the filter attributes start using the SDKs to build the system.

Person Identify API pricing

Before making the decision to buy data access you may request for trials and samples of the person identification API. E-mail to ask for the test access and you should be able to work with the API. It won’t be unlimited access but it will be sufficient to be able to test the system.

Cost and price of the API

People Data Labs data access is ready to buy monthly from $99 with API documentation and provider support.
Option Price
Monthly subscription From $99/month
Variable pricing no

Free Trial

Free trial is available

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