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Skill Enrichment API

Skill enrichment API for enriching data on a skill by performing a one-to-one match of this skill by People Data Labs
Get access to the data of People Data Labs and take advantage of the skill enrichment API for the purpose of enriching data on a skill by performing a one-to-one match of this skill. Customers use the data within the human resources, research, talent acquisition and similar industry. Several ideas of the type of company using the data are talent and HR agents, human resources representatives, researchers, job analysts and more, typically the clients could be small business, medium business and enterprises. The API covers global data. Several ideas of the possible filters are skill, pretty, api_key and titlecase, use these to determine the data response. Certain possible use cases with the skill enrichment API are for example; building HR tools, talent acquisition, research, job analysis and more. It is of course possible that people have uncommon use cases which weren’t thought of before. It would be fantastic to hear about those.

Skill Enrichment API endpoints



In order to use this data platform for enriching data on a skill by performing a one-to-one match of this skill, clients should connect to the API endpoint; /v5/skill/enrich/ to get a similar output as in the response of the example. The table defines the possible objects and parameters response explanations. Place the data endpoint into the URL to execute the request. Using the API key parameter and setting it up with your private API key, you will start receiving data by using any of the leading programming languages.

Data filter parameters for skill enrichment API

The skill enrichment data has the following filtering methods applicable with which you can filter.

Skill enrichment API data attributes

Compose a call using the possible parameters and use the table to clarify the objects with their related description.
Objects Description
cleaned_skill The skill that matches the API input skill after passing it through our internal skill cleaner.
similar_skills A list of up to five other skills.
relevant_job_titles A list of up to five of the most contextually-similar job titles to the cleaned_skill, determined using our global resume data.

Skill enrichment response output

On this page customers can see the response preview. Opt-in to the complete data response due to this being incomplete to make it more readable.
  "cleaned_skill": "ai",
  "similar_skills": [
    "machine learning",
    "artificial intelligence",
    "deep learning",
    "data science",
  "relevant_job_titles": [
    "data scientist",
    "software engineer",
    "senior data scientist",
    "chief technology officer",
    "senior software engineer"


The data response by the API system can be requested as JSON format and SDKs are available if required for all leading programming languages such as; PHP, Javascript, Angular, JQuery, JAVA, R, C#, NodeJS, PHP, Python, Ruby, VueJS, Strest, Swift, Rust, Go and Scala. Simply filter the skill enrichment data using any of the filter objects and use the software development kits to build the system.

Skill Enrichment API pricing

Contact the data provider to inquire into access to trials and samples of the data so that you can play with the API ahead of deciding to buy the complete API access. The test access is limited but should be able to provide you with a good insight into the full API system.

Cost and price of API

People Data Labs data is accessible with the price tag starting monthly from $99 with secure payment.
Option Price
Monthly subscription From $99/month
Variable pricing no

Free Trial

Free trial is available

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