Ad Fraud API

Ad fraud API for requesting Pixalate's servers to retrieve the probability (risk score) and determine if a user's IP, DeviceID or User-Agent is compromised or performing malicious activity by Pixalate
Use the database created by Pixalate to take advantage of the ad fraud API for the purpose of requesting Pixalate’s servers to retrieve the probability (risk score) and determine if a user’s IP, DeviceID or User-Agent is compromised or performing malicious activity. Developers who are using this advertisement fraud API, use it for many possible use cases, some of which are; ad fraud detection, ad fraud analysis, website plugins, advertising, adtech and more. The options are countless ofcourse and it is certain that other business cases occur, so experiment with the data for your business case and it will be intriguing to read what will be made with it. Certain ideas of the type of business that uses the API are e-commerce platforms, digital advertisers, marketers, adtech platforms advertisers and more, usually the clients are small business, medium business and enterprises in the e-commerce, digital advertising, adtech, marketing and fraud detection industry. This database covers global data. When filtering the system based on the pretty, ip and deviceId you can get the response that you need for your project.

Ad Fraud API endpoints

GET /api/v2/fraud
To be able to receive a data output like in the response of the example, customers need to connect with the ad fraud data endpoint by sending a GET data request to the endpoint; /api/v2/fraud with the required object parameters. Working with the API key parameter and setting it up with your private API key, you will start receiving data by using any of the leading coding languages. In order to receive the output required, make use of the objects and parameters as described by the object table. To make the request, place the endpoint into the URL field.

Ad fraud API parameters

Below you may see the available filter parameters with the ad fraud data.

Data object attributes for ad fraud API

Make use of the object table to interpret the objects with their related description and compose a request using the different parameters.
Objects Description
probability Probability (risk score) 0.01 to 1.0 representing the likelihood a given value is related to malicious or compromised devices

Response output of ad fraud API

Here clients are able to see the data response example. Subscribe to the complete response output because this being limited to make it readable.
  "probability": 0.6


Use whichever of the filter attributes to choose the advertisement fraud data that is required. The API platform delivers response as JSON file format and for languages like; phyton, c++, r, java, javascript, matlab, node. Js, go, php, haskell, net, typescript,tensorflow and ruby there are SDKs accessible, now simply email for it and it is provided shortly.

Ad Fraud API pricing

Trials and samples access is freely available if desired, simply make contact and ask for it. Customers will be able to use the advertisement fraud data and find out if this is precisely what customers are looking for. After examinating it, people can determine if they want to move on with the premium version.

Cost of this API

The API developed by Pixalate is available monthly from €99 with 3D secure payment option and prompt access.
Option Price
Monthly subscription From €99/month
Variable pricing no

Free Trial

Free trial is available

Alternative options


BIN Lookup API
Contact the BIN Lookup API provider to receive comprehensive data for building fraud protection systems and payment analysis purposes right away. The BIN lookup API is the ideal tool to precisely get Fraud Detection data to your API client.

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