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Rocket Launch rocket launch API for fetching rocket launch details
Get access to the database created by Rocket Launch to use the rocket launch API for the purpose of fetching rocket launch details. Clients use it in the aerospace and technology sector. Certain ideas of the type of business using the API are rocket launch tracking platforms, developers in the aerospace industry, space enthusiasts and more, generally they can be small business, medium business and enterprises. It is always interesting to read about new systems that use the rocket launch data, there are several business cases with the API but a few examples are; real-time and historical rocket launch tracking. Developers frequently find new ways to use the data from the API platform and make new projects. The database has global data coverage available. With this API clients are able to filter determined by id, cospar_id, after_date, before_date, modified_since, location_id and more to access the response output clients would like.

Rocket Launch API endpoints

GET /launches
Send a data request using GET to the data endpoint, using the appropriate parameters such as in the example and get the related data as a response output. Use the endpoint; /launches for fetching rocket launch details with the rocket launch API. Using your API key parameter and connecting to it with your personal API key, you can begin receiving data working with any of the main programming languages. For the appropriate parameters and objects, check the table of the rocket launch API that describes it. In order to apply for the request, place the API endpoint in the URL field.

Rocket launch data filter parameters

Find below the filters available for the rocket launch API.
id location_id state_abbr
cospar_id pad_id country_code
after_date provider_id search
before_date tag_id slug
modified_since vehicle_id

API objects for rocket launch data

Understand the objects and their related description using the table to make use of the system also make use of the different parameters to be able to attain the desired data as an output.
Objects Description
sort_date A Unix timestamp of the launch date for sorting, taking into account “estimated” launch dates
name The name of the launch, generally derived from the primary mission’s name
provider An object with launch provider information
vehicle An object with launch vehicle information
pad An object with launch pad information
missions An array of objects with mission information
launch_description A standardized one sentence description of the launch
win_open The date and time of the opening of the launch window in ISO 8601 format
t0 The date and time of the planned launch time (T-0) in ISO 8601 format
win_close The date and time of the closing of the launch window in ISO 8601 format
est_date The known or estimated elements of the launch date, if an exact date/time is not known
date_str The same date string on the front page of RocketLaunch.Live
tags An array of tag objects assigned to the launch
slug The canonical URL slug of the launch, used in launch page URLs (i.e.
weather_summary A summary of the weather forecast for launch time (provided by
weather_temp The forecasted temperature at launch time (currently in Fahrenheit only)
weather_icon The appropriate icon code for the forecasted weather at launch time (
weather_updated The date and time of when the weather was last updated (currently every 8 hours)
quicktext Standardized text showing the vehicle, mission name, launch time, and a link to the stream
media The media associated with this launch (Premium only)
etc etc

Response output of the rocket launch API

An example data output of the endpoint call. More data is available, it is limited to make it readable. Subscribe for the API and gain access to the full response.
					{"valid_auth":false,"count":5,"limit":5,"total":122,"last_page":25,"result":[{"id":38,"cospar_id":"","sort_date":"1668581264","name":"Artemis I (EM-1)","provider":{"id":2,"name":"NASA","slug":"nasa"},"vehicle":{"id":15,"name":"SLS","company_id":2,"slug":"sls"},"pad":{"id":36,"name":"LC-39B","location":{"id":61,"name":"Kennedy Space Center","state":"FL","statename":"Florida","country":"United States","slug":"kennedy-space-center"}},"missions":[{"id":35,"name":"Artemis I (EM-1)","description":"On its debut flight, the Space Launch System (SLS) will send an uncrewed Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle on a four to six-week mission to the Moon and back, including 6 days in a retrograde lunar orbit."}],"mission_description":"On its debut flight, the Space Launch System (SLS) will send an uncrewed Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle on a four to six-week mission to the Moon and back, including 6 days in a retrograde lunar orbit.","launch_description":"A NASA SLS rocket was set to launch the Artemis I (EM-1) mission on Wednesday, November 16, 2022 at 6:47 AM (UTC).","win_open":"2022-11-16T06:04Z","t0":"2022-11-16T06:47Z","win_close":null,"est_date":{"month":null,"day":null,"year":null,"quarter":null},"date_str":"Nov 16","tags":[{"id":48,"text":"Lunar Orbit"},{"id":91,"text":"Series: NASA Artemis"},{"id":23,"text":"Test Flight"},{"id":21,"text":"Uncrewed"},{"id":14,"text":"Vehicle Debut"}],"slug":"em-1","weather_summary":"Mostly CloudyTemp: 69.26FWind: 7.76mph","weather_temp":69.26,"weather_condition":"Mostly Cloudy","weather_wind_mph":7.76,"weather_icon":"wi-night-alt-cloudy","weather_updated":"2022-11-16T00:00:17+00:00","quicktext":"SLS - Artemis I (EM-1) - Wed Nov 16, 2022 06:04:00 UTC (L+02:23:03) - for info/stream","media":[],"result":-1,"suborbital":false,"modified":"2022-11-16T06:38:25+00:00"},{"id":3256,"cospar_id":"","sort_date":"1668655320","name":"Starlink-66 (2-4)","provider":{"id":1,"name":"SpaceX","slug":"spacex"},"vehicle":{"id":1,"name":"Falcon 9","company_id":1,"slug":"falcon-9"},"pad":{"id":1,"name":"SLC-4E","location":{"id":60,"name":"Vandenberg SFB","state":"CA","statename":"California","country":"United States","slug":"vandenberg-sfb"}},"missions":[{"id":4992,"name":"Starlink-66 (2-4)","description":null}],"mission_description":null,"launch_description":"A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch the Starlink-66 (2-4) mission on Thursday, November 17, 2022 at 3:22 AM (UTC).","win_open":"2022-11-17T03:22Z","t0":null,"win_close":null,"est_date":{"month":null,"day":null,"year":null,"quarter":null},"date_str":"Nov 17","tags":[{"id":92,"text":"Series: SpaceX Starlink"}],"slug":"starlink-66-2-4","weather_summary":"ClearTemp: 53.89FWind: 6.65mph","weather_temp":53.89,"weather_condition":"Clear","weather_wind_mph":6.65,"weather_icon":"wi-night-clear","weather_updated":"2022-11-16T00:00:18+00:00","quicktext":"Falcon 9 - Starlink-66 (2-4) - Thu Nov 17, 2022 03:22:00 UTC (L-18:54:57) - for info/stream","media":[],"result":-1,"suborbital":false,"modified":"2022-11-12T13:30:52+00:00"},{"id":2699,"cospar_id":"","sort_date":"1668722400","name":"RS1 Flight 1","provider":{"id":142,"name":"ABL Space","slug":"abl-space"},"vehicle":{"id":121,"name":"RS1","company_id":142,"slug":"rs1"},"pad":{"id":126,"name":"LP-3C","location":{"id":47,"name":"Pacific Spaceport Complex - Alaska","state":"AK","statename":"Alaska","country":"United States","slug":"pacific-spaceport-complex-alaska"}},"missions":[{"id":4199,"name":"RS1 Flight 1","description":null}],"mission_description":null,"launch_description":"An ABL Space RS1 rocket will launch the RS1 Flight 1 mission on Thursday, November 17, 2022 at 10:00 PM (UTC).","win_open":"2022-11-17T22:00Z","t0":null,"win_close":null,"est_date":{"month":null,"day":null,"year":null,"quarter":null},"date_str":"Nov 17","tags":[{"id":23,"text":"Test Flight"},{"id":14,"text":"Vehicle Debut"}],"slug":"rs1-flight-1","weather_summary":"OvercastTemp: 43.46FWind: 16.24mph","weather_temp":43.46,"weather_condition":"Overcast","weather_wind_mph":16.24,"weather_icon":"wi-cloudy","weather_updated":"2022-11-16T00:00:18+00:00","quicktext":"RS1 - RS1 Flight 1 - Thu Nov 17, 2022 22:00:00 UTC (L-1 days, 13:32:57) - for info/stream","media":[],"result":-1,"suborbital":false,"modified":"2022-11-15T23:50:44+00:00"}

Software development kits

There are software development kits accessible to help the building of your system, simply ask for them and they will be sent. After this use the filter parameters to choose the right output for you and with the rocket launch API response in JSON your project is clear to develop.

Rocket Launch API pricing

In case you wish to have trial access to this rocket launch data before purchasing, there are trial and sample datasets available so make contact and ask for the trial data access. Once you have played a bit a little with the the data, you can decide if you want to purchase full connection to this database.

Cost of this API

Rocket Launch data access is available to purchase monthly from $3 with documentation and constant provider support.
Option Price
Monthly subscription From $3/month
Variable pricing no

Free Trial

Free trial is available

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