International Street Address API

International street address API for getting global street address information by Smarty
Use the data of Smarty to adopt the international street address API with the purpose of getting global street address information. It is exciting to read about new platforms that use the global street address API, there are several use cases with the data but a few ideas are; building map features, location verification, website plugins, geolocation analysis and more. Programmers often think of new ways to use the data from the API system and develop a new product with it. This database has global data coverage available. Several examples of the type of business who uses the API are mobile app developers, map platforms, location analysis platforms and more, generally the clients could be small business, medium business and enterprises within the geolocation, application development and location intelligence industry. When filtering this API based on the country, address (1-4), locaility, postal_code, geocode and language you will get the output which you need for your project.

International Street Address API endpoints


To be able to get a data response as in the example data output, you need to communicate with the global street address API endpoint by sending a GET request to the endpoint; international-street. Api. Smartystreets. Com/verify using the required parameters. To receive the output desired, use the objects and parameters as explained in the table. To make request, place the endpoint in the browser. The API documentation applies to all main coding languages, simply add the API key parameter to the data endpoint URL and set it up to your private key to begin receiving the requested data.

International street address data filter parameters

Here you may find the available filters with the international street address data.
country language

International street address API data description

Make a request with the parameters available and make use of the table to understand the objects with their description.

International street address API response output

Subscribe for the API system to request the complete data outputbut customers can already find a preview of the data response here.
        "address1": "Wiesenweg 2",
        "address2": "17449 Trassenheide",
        "components": {
            "administrative_area": "Mecklenburg-Vorpommern",
            "administrative_area_long": "Mecklenburg-Vorpommern",
            "administrative_area_short": "MV",
            "sub_administrative_area": "Vorpommern-Greifswald",
            "country_iso_3": "DEU",
            "locality": "Trassenheide",
            "postal_code": "17449",
            "postal_code_short": "17449",
            "premise": "2",
            "premise_number": "2",
            "thoroughfare": "Wiesenweg",
            "thoroughfare_name": "Wiesenweg",
            "thoroughfare_trailing_type": "Weg"
        "metadata": {
            "latitude": 54.077995,
            "longitude": 13.868597,
            "geocode_precision": "DeliveryPoint",
            "max_geocode_precision": "DeliveryPoint",
            "address_format": "thoroughfare premise|postal_code locality"
        "analysis": {
            "verification_status": "Verified",
            "address_precision": "DeliveryPoint",
            "max_address_precision": "DeliveryPoint",
            "changes": {
                "components": {
                    "administrative_area": "Added",
                    "sub_administrative_area": "Added",
                    "locality": "Verified-NoChange",
                    "postal_code_short": "Verified-NoChange",
                    "premise": "Verified-NoChange",
                    "thoroughfare": "Verified-NoChange",
                    "thoroughfare_type": "Verified-NoChange"


There are SDKs available to help the development of your system, just request them and they are emailed. After this use the filter parameters to choose the right output for you and with the international street address API output in JSON your system is easy to develop.

International Street Address API pricing

Get in contact with the API provider to request for access to samples and trials of the data so that you can work with the data before determining to buy the complete API access. The sample access is limited but will be able to provide you with a good idea of the full platform.

Cost of this API

Smarty International Street Address API is available anytime to buy monthly from $65 with API documentation and provider support.
Option Price
Monthly subscription From $65/month
Yearly subscription From $650/year
Variable pricing no

Free Trial

Free trial is available

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