US Street Address API

Smarty US street address API for fetching street address information for US addresses
The Smarty US street address API has data for the purpose of fetching street address information for US addresses. With this system clients may filter based on street + city + state, street + zipcode or street (entire address in the street field — what we call a “freeform” input) to get the response output clients need. Some examples of the type of company who uses it are mobile app developers, map platforms, location analysis platforms and more, usually the customers could be small business, medium business and enterprises in the geolocation, application development and location intelligence sector. Certain business cases for the US address data are for example; building map features, location verification, website plugins, geolocation analysis and more. It is of course possible that clients have different use cases that haven’t been thought of previously. It is interesting to read about them. This API covers regional data.

US Street Address API endpoints

Send a data request through GET to the data endpoint, with the possible filtering parameters like in the example and get the related data output. Use the endpoint; us-street. Api. Smartystreets. Com/street-address for fetching street address information for US addresses with the US address system. For the applicable parameters and objects, check the object and description table of the US street address API that describes them. All major coding languages function with the API output. Customers simply need to attach the private key as an endpoint parameter and customers can begin receiving the data. Put the API endpoint in the URL to apply for the request.

API filter parameters for US street address data

Below you may find the applicable filters for the US street address data.
(entire address in the street field — what we call a “freeform” input)

US street address API object description

Use the object table to interpret the objects with their related description and compose an API call with the applicable parameters.
Objects Description
input_id A unique identifier for this address used in your application; this field will be copied into the output.
street The street line of the address, or the entire address (“freeform” input).
street2 Any extra address information
secondary Apartment, suite, or office number
city The city name
state The state name or abbreviation
zipcode The ZIP Code
lastline City, state, and ZIP Code combined
addressee The name of the person or company at this address
urbanization The neighborhood (only Puerto Rican addresses)
candidates The maximum number of addresses returned when the input is ambiguous
match The match output strategy to be employed for this lookup. Valid values are: strict The API will return detailed output only if a valid match is found. Otherwise the API response will be an empty array. invalid The API will return detailed output for both valid and invalid addresses. To find out if the address is valid, check the dpv_match_code. Values of Y, S, or D indicate a valid address. enhanced The API will return detailed output based on a more aggressive matching mechanism. It also includes a more comprehensive address dataset beyond just the postal address data. Requires a US Core license or a US Rooftop Geocoding license. Note: A freeform address, that we can’t find a match for, will respond with an empty array, “[]”. Notes: (1) The invalid setting is not compatible with freeform address input. For all addresses submitted freeform, the API will automatically employ a strict match output strategy. (2) When submitting addresses in components, setting match to invalid will prevent the API from finding valid matches for ambiguous address input.

US street address API response output

Subscribe for the API to call the complete outputbut you can already find an example of the output response on this page.
		"input_index": 0,
		"candidate_index": 0,
		"delivery_line_1": "1 Santa Claus Ln",
		"last_line": "North Pole AK 99705-9901",
		"delivery_point_barcode": "997059901010",
		"components": {
			"primary_number": "1",
			"street_name": "Santa Claus",
			"street_suffix": "Ln",
			"city_name": "North Pole",
			"state_abbreviation": "AK",
			"zipcode": "99705",
			"plus4_code": "9901",
			"delivery_point": "01",
			"delivery_point_check_digit": "0"
		"metadata": {
			"record_type": "S",
			"zip_type": "Standard",
			"county_fips": "02090",
			"county_name": "Fairbanks North Star",
			"carrier_route": "C004",
			"congressional_district": "AL",
			"rdi": "Commercial",
			"elot_sequence": "0001",
			"elot_sort": "A",
			"latitude": 64.75233,
			"longitude": -147.35297,
			"coordinate_license": 1,
			"precision": "Rooftop",
			"time_zone": "Alaska",
			"utc_offset": -9,
			"dst": true
		"analysis": {
			"dpv_match_code": "Y",
			"dpv_footnotes": "AABB",
			"dpv_cmra": "N",
			"dpv_vacant": "N",
			"dpv_no_stat": "Y",
			"active": "Y",
			"footnotes": "L#"
		"input_index": 1,
		"candidate_index": 0,
		"addressee": "Apple Inc",
		"delivery_line_1": "1 Infinite Loop",
		// truncated for brevity

Software development kits

The data response through the API system can be requested as JSON format and software development kits are accessible by email for all main programming languages such as; phyton, c++, r, java, javascript, matlab, node. Js, go, php, haskell, net, typescript,tensorflow and ruby. Simply filter the USA street address API with the filter attributes and use the software development kits to build the system.

US Street Address API pricing

Trials and samples access is freely available upon request, simply make contact and request it. Clients can use the America street address data and check if this is indeed that which clients are seeking for. After testing it, people can determine if they are ready to continue with the premium version.

Price and cost of the API

Smarty data is available with the price tag starting monthly from $54 with secure payment option.
Option Price
Monthly subscription From $54/month
Yearly subscription From $588/year
Variable pricing no

Free Trial

Free trial is available

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