Menu Item Information API

Spoonacular menu item information API for getting all available information about a menu item, such as nutrition
The menu item information API made by Spoonacular provides data with the goal of getting all available information about a menu item, such as nutrition. The API covers global data. The API is used by small business, medium business and enterprises, the customers use the data in the culinary, entertainment, social media, food and grocery, restaurant and more sector. Several examples of the type of business that uses the API are culinary and hobby websites, cooking app and platform developers, influencers, online shopping platforms, marketers and more. With the API customers may filter determined by id to attain the response output customers would like. Programmers who use the menu item information API, use it for a wide variety of business cases, a few of which are; culinary applications, websites and blogs, website plugins, product marketing and more. The options are endless of course and it is sure that more business cases come to mind, so try the API for your use case and it should be interesting to read what will be created with it.

Menu Item Information API endpoints



In order to receive a data output as in the response of the example, you need to connect to the menu item details API endpoint by sending a GET request to the endpoint; /food/menuItems/{id} with the right parameters. The table defines the appropriate parameters and objects output descriptions. To make the request, input the API endpoint into the browser. All major coding languages function with the API output. You just need to connect the personal key as an endpoint parameter and you will begin receiving data.

Data filtering methods for menu item information API

The menu item information API has the following filter parameters applicable that can be used.

Menu item information API data description

Interpret the objects and the related description by using the table to be able to use the system also make use of the applicable parameters to be able to receive the appropriate data as an output.
Objects Description
etc etc

Output response of the menu item information API

Here you can find the data response preview. Sign-up for the full output response due to this being incomplete to make it readable.
    "id": 424571,
    "title": "Bacon King Burger",
    "restaurantChain": "Burger King",
    "nutrition": {
        "nutrients": [
                "name": "Fat",
                "amount": 69,
                "unit": "g",
                "percentOfDailyNeeds": 30
                "name": "Protein",
                "amount": 57,
                "unit": "g",
                "percentOfDailyNeeds": 35
                "name": "Calories",
                "amount": 1040,
                "unit": "cal",
                "percentOfDailyNeeds": 50
                "name": "Carbohydrates",
                "amount": 48,
                "unit": "g",
                "percentOfDailyNeeds": 35
        "caloricBreakdown": {
            "percentProtein": 35,
            "percentFat": 30,
            "percentCarbs": 35
    "badges": [],
    "breadcrumbs": [
        "main course",
        "food product category"
    "generatedText": null,
    "imageType": "png",
    "likes": 0,
    "servings": {
        "number": 1,
        "size": 2,
        "unit": "oz"
    "price": null,
    "spoonacularScore": null


There are SDKs accessible to support the designing of your project, just request them and they should be emailed. Next use the filter parameters to choose the required output for you and with the menu item information API response in JSON your project should be easy to develop.

Menu Item Information API pricing

Before you decide to purchase API access you may request for trials and samples of the restaurant menu item information data. E-mail and ask for the test access and you can work with the API. It won’t be unlimited access but it will be sufficient to check the API system.

Cost and price of the API

You can immediately gain access Spoonacular API with the price tag set at monthly from $29 or contact the API provider to have more insight right away.
Option Price
Monthly subscription From $29/month
Variable pricing no

Free Trial

Free trial is available

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