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Spoonacular search grocery products API for searching packaged food products, such as frozen pizza or Greek yogurt
This Spoonacular search grocery products API provides data with the purpose of searching packaged food products, such as frozen pizza or Greek yogurt. This database has global data coverage available. It is always exciting to read about new programs that use this search grocery products data, there are several use cases with this data but several ideas are; culinary applications, websites and blogs, website plugins, product marketing and more. Developers always realise new ways to use the data from the API system and build something new with it. Clients use the API in the culinary, entertainment, social media, food and grocery, restaurant and more industry. Several examples of the type of company using it are culinary and hobby websites, cooking app and platform developers, influencers, online shopping platforms, marketers and more, typically they could be small business, medium business and enterprises. With this API you can filter based on query, , minCalories, maxCalories, minCarbs, maxCarbs and more to attain the response output you would like.

Search Grocery Products API endpoints



In order to use the system for searching packaged food products, such as frozen pizza or Greek yogurt, you need to connect with the API endpoint; /food/products/search to get a similar output as in the example response. The API documentation works with all main programming languages, simply include the API key parameter to the data endpoint URL and set it up to your personal API key to begin receiving the required data. In order to apply for the request, place the data endpoint in the browser. For the applicable parameters and objects, check the object and description table of the search grocery products API that clarifies it.

Search grocery products API filtering methods

Find here the filtering methods available for the search grocery products data.
query minProtein offset
minCalories maxProtein number
maxCalories minFat
minCarbs maxFat
maxCarbs addProductInformation

Data object attributes for search grocery products API

Make use of the object table to interpret the objects with their associated description and make a request with the parameters applicable.
Objects Description

Response output of the search grocery products API

Here is an example data output of the endpoint call. More data is accessible, it is limited to be able to make it more readable. Sign-up for the system to gain access to the full response output.
    "products": [
            "id": 192386,
            "title": "Pizza Buddy: Frozen Pizza Dough, 16 Oz",
            "imageType": "jpg"
            "id": 27693,
            "title": "Uno Pizza",
            "imageType": "jpg"
    "totalProducts": 1258,
    "type": "product",
    "offset": 0,
    "number": 2


This is a JSON system and in the event that customers would like SDKs, those are available for Javascript, JQuery, VueJS, Angular, JAVA, PHP, NodeJS, Python, Go, Ruby, C#, R, Strest, Rust, Swift and Scala. Just ask for it and they are provided. Kickoff by using the filter parameters and combine the response with the SDKs and design the system.

Search Grocery Products API pricing

Make contact with the data provider to inquire into access to samples and trials of the API so that you are able to try the data ahead of determining to buy the complete API access. The trial is not unlimited but will be able to provide you with a decent idea of the full API platform.

Price and cost of API

The API by Spoonacular is available monthly from $29 with secure payment option and immediate authorization.
Option Price
Monthly subscription From $29/month
Variable pricing no

Free Trial

Free trial is available

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