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Movie recommendations API for getting a list of recommended movies for a movie by The Movie DB
This movie recommendations API made by The Movie DB has data for getting a list of recommended movies for a movie. This API has global data coverage available. A few examples of the possible filters are movie_id, api_key, language and page, use these to decide the API output. Developers who use this movie recommendations API, use it for many projects, some of which are; building movie suggestion tools, apps and similar for entertainment and movie platforms, movie research and more. The possibilities are countless ofcourse and it is certain that more business cases occur, so experiment with the API for your use case and it should be intriguing to hear what gets made with it. Several examples of the type of company that uses it are entertainment and movie platforms, media agents, tabloid press platforms and more, generally they might be small business, medium business and enterprises in the entertainment, cinema, media, tabloid press and similar industry.

Movie Recommendations API endpoints



To use this API system for getting a list of recommended movies for a movie, you should connect with the API endpoint; /movie/{movie_id}/recommendations to receive a similar response as in the example response. Put the data endpoint into the URL to make the data request. The API documentation applies to all major programming languages, simply attach your API key parameter to the API endpoint URL and set it up to your personal API key to begin receiving data. The table demonstrates the applicable parameters and objects response descriptions.

Filtering methods for movie recommendations data

Here you can see the applicable filters for the movie recommendations data.

Movie recommendations API object attributes

Clarify the objects and their description with the table to be able to use the system also make use of the different parameters available to be able to get the required response output.
Objects Description
adult Whether the movie has an adult rating
genre_ids The Movie DB genre ID
id The Movie DB movie ID
original_language Movie’s original language
original_title Movie’s title in its original language
overview Movie summary
release_date Popularity index
poster_path Poster url
popularity Popularity index
title Full movie title

Movie recommendations API response output

In the code box you can see the response preview. Opt-in to the complete response output because this being limited to be able to make it readable.
  "page": 1,
  "results": [
      "adult": false,
      "backdrop_path": null,
      "genre_ids": [
      "id": 106912,
      "original_language": "en",
      "original_title": "Darna! Ang Pagbabalik",
      "overview": "Valentina, Darna's snake-haired arch enemy, is trying to take over the Phillipines through subliminal messages on religious TV shows. Darna has her own problems, however, as she has lost her magic pearl and with it the ability to transform into her scantily clad super self. Trapped as her alter-ego, the plucky reporter Narda, she must try to regain the pearl and foil Valentina's plans.",
      "release_date": "1994-05-09",
      "poster_path": null,
      "popularity": 1.012564,
      "title": "Darna: The Return",
      "video": false,
      "vote_average": 0,
      "vote_count": 0
  "total_pages": 9,
  "total_results": 168


This is a JSON API and in the event that clients would like SDKs, these are accessible for PHP, Javascript, Angular, JQuery, JAVA, R, C#, NodeJS, PHP, Python, Ruby, VueJS, Strest, Swift, Rust, Go and Scala. Simply ask for it and they will be sent by email. Kickoff by using the filter objects and use the response with the SDKs to design the system.

Movie Recommendations API pricing

Samples and trials are available if desired, simply get in contact and request it. Clients will be able to get access to the movie suggestions data and find out if this is precisely that what clients are searching for. After testing the API, people can determine if they are ready to work with the paid version.

Cost and price of API

The Movie DB data access is ready to buy monthly from $0 with documentation and provider support.
Option Price
Monthly subscription From $0/month
Variable pricing no

Free Trial

Free trial is available

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