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The Movie DB movies API for getting the primary information about a movie
This movies API created by The Movie DB holds data for getting the primary information about a movie. Customers use the API in the entertainment, cinema, media, tabloid press and similar sector. A few examples of the type of company using the API are entertainment and movie platforms, media agents, tabloid press platforms and more, generally they might be small business, medium business and enterprises. The database has global data coverage available. Several examples of the potential filters are movie_id, api_key, language and append_to_response, use these to determine the data response. It is usually intriguing to hear about new programs using the movie information data, there are some business cases with this data but some examples are; Listen Notes – search podcast. Developers often realise innovative ways to make something with the data from the API and make something new with it.

Movies API endpoints

GET /movie/{movie_id}
To use this API system for getting the primary information about a movie, customers should communicate with the API endpoint; /movie/{movie_id} to get a similar output like in the response output of the example. The API documentation works with all leading coding languages, just attach your API key parameter to the data endpoint URL and set it up to your personal API key to begin receiving the requested data. The object and description table clarifies the applicable parameters and objects response explanations. To make data request, put the endpoint in the browser.

Filter methods for movies API

Here you will see the available filters in relation to the movies API.

Data object attributes

Find the objects and the related description with the table to be able to use the API also make use of the available parameters to be able to access the needed data output.
Objects Description
adult Whether the movie has an adult rating
belongs_to_collection Whether the movie belongs to a collecttion
budget Movie’s budget
genres Movie’s genre
id Movie’s The Movie DB ID
name Full movie title
homepage Movie’s homepage
id Movie ID on The Movie DB
imdb_id IMDB ID
original_language Movie’s original language
original_title Movie’s title in its original language
overview Movie summary
popularity Popularity index
poster_path Poster url
id Production company ID on The Movie DB
logo_path Production company logo url
name Production company name
origin_country Production company country of origin
etc etc

Movies response output

Here is an example data response of the endpoint request. More data is accessible, this example is limited to make it readable. Sign-up to the system and gain access to the complete output response.
  "adult": false,
  "backdrop_path": "/fCayJrkfRaCRCTh8GqN30f8oyQF.jpg",
  "belongs_to_collection": null,
  "budget": 63000000,
  "genres": [
      "id": 18,
      "name": "Drama"
  "homepage": "",
  "id": 550,
  "imdb_id": "tt0137523",
  "original_language": "en",
  "original_title": "Fight Club",
  "overview": "A ticking-time-bomb insomniac and a slippery soap salesman channel primal male aggression into a shocking new form of therapy. Their concept catches on, with underground "fight clubs" forming in every town, until an eccentric gets in the way and ignites an out-of-control spiral toward oblivion.",
  "popularity": 0.5,
  "poster_path": null,
  "production_companies": [
      "id": 508,
      "logo_path": "/7PzJdsLGlR7oW4J0J5Xcd0pHGRg.png",
      "name": "Regency Enterprises",
      "origin_country": "US"
      "id": 711,
      "logo_path": null,
      "name": "Fox 2000 Pictures",
      "origin_country": ""
      "id": 20555,
      "logo_path": null,
      "name": "Taurus Film",
      "origin_country": ""
      "id": 54050,
      "logo_path": null,
      "name": "Linson Films",
      "origin_country": ""
      "id": 54051,
      "logo_path": null,
      "name": "Atman Entertainment",
      "origin_country": ""
      "id": 54052,
      "logo_path": null,
      "name": "Knickerbocker Films",
      "origin_country": ""
      "id": 25,
      "logo_path": "/qZCc1lty5FzX30aOCVRBLzaVmcp.png",
      "name": "20th Century Fox",
      "origin_country": "US"
  "production_countries": [
      "iso_3166_1": "US",
      "name": "United States of America"
  "release_date": "1999-10-12",
  "revenue": 100853753,
  "runtime": 139,
  "spoken_languages": [
      "iso_639_1": "en",
      "name": "English"
  "status": "Released",
  "tagline": "How much can you know about yourself if you've never been in a fight?",
  "title": "Fight Club",
  "video": false,
  "vote_average": 7.8,
  "vote_count": 3439

Software development kit

The data response through the API can be provided in JSON format and SDKs are available by email for all leading programming languages such as; PHP, Javascript, Angular, JQuery, JAVA, R, C#, NodeJS, Python, Ruby, VueJS, Strest, Swift, Rust, Go and Scala. Now just filter the movies API using any of the filter attributes start using the SDKs to build the system.

Movies API pricing

Before you determine to purchase API access you may request for trials and samples of the movie information data. E-mail and ask for the trial access and you can experiment with the data. It won’t be unlimited access but it will be sufficient to be able to check the system.

Price and cost of API

You may immediately gain access The Movie DB API with the price tag set monthly from $0 or directly contact the provider for more insight today.
Option Price
Monthly subscription From $0/month
Variable pricing no

Free Trial

Free trial is available

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