Sms API for sending SMS from your account and lookup messages both messages that you've sent as well as messages sent to your virtual numbers by Vonage
This sms API made by Vonage delivers data for sending SMS from your account and lookup messages both messages that you’ve sent as well as messages sent to your virtual numbers. It is exciting to hear about new systems using this sms marketing data, there are several business cases with this data but some examples are; building SMS customer support, mobile app invites, two-way SMS for customer engagement, private SMS communication and receiving concatenated SMS. Developers often realise new ways to use the data from the API platform and create something new with it. Customers are able to filter this data to get the response based on format. The database covers global data. It is used by small business, medium business and enterprises, they use the data within the sales and marketing, b2c marketing, b2c leads and e-commerce industry. Several ideas of the type of business who uses the API are.

Sms API endpoints



Communicate to the sms API endpoint; /sms/:format by sending a POST request for data to the endpoint using the the appropriate parameters and receive an output like in the example output as a response. This endpoint is built for sending SMS from your account and lookup messages both messages that you’ve sent as well as messages sent to your virtual numbers. Working with your API key parameter and setting it to your personal API key, you will begin receiving data working with any of the main coding languages. In order to get the output desired, make use of the parameters and objects as explained by the parameter table. Put the endpoint in the URL to execute the data request.

Sms data parameters

See here the parameters applicable in relation to the sms API.

API object descriptions for sms data

Clarify the objects and their related description by using the table to make use of the API also make use of the different parameters available to be able to receive the needed data as an output.
Objects Description
api_key Your API key
api_secret Your API secret.
sig The hash of the request parameters in alphabetical order, a timestamp and the signature secret.
from The name or number the message should be sent from.
to The number that the message should be sent to. Numbers are specified in E.164 format.
text The body of the message being sent.
ttl Advanced: The duration in milliseconds the delivery of an SMS will be attempted.
status-report-req Advanced: Boolean indicating if you like to receive a Delivery Receipt.
callback Advanced: The webhook endpoint the delivery receipt for this sms is sent to. This parameter overrides the webhook endpoint you set in Dashboard. Max 100 characters.
message-class Advanced: The Data Coding Scheme value of the message
type Advanced: The format of the message body
vcard Advanced: A business card in vCard format. Depends on type parameter having the value vcard.
vcal Advanced: A calendar event in vCal format. Depends on type parameter having the value vcal.
body Advanced: Hex encoded binary data. Depends on type parameter having the value binary.
udh Advanced: Your custom Hex encoded User Data Header. Depends on type parameter having the value binary.
protocol-id Advanced: The value of the protocol identifier to use. Ensure that the value is aligned with udh.
title Advanced: The title for a wappush SMS. Depends on type parameter having the value wappush.
url Advanced: The URL of your website. Depends on type parameter having the value wappush.
validity Advanced: The availability for an SMS in milliseconds. Depends on type parameter having the value wappush.
client-ref Advanced: You can optionally include your own reference of up to 100 characters.
etc etc

Sms response output

Here clients can find the response output example. Opt-in to the complete output response because this being limited to make it more readable.
  "message-count": "1",
  "messages": [
      "to": "447700900000",
      "message-id": "0A0000000123ABCD1",
      "status": "0",
      "remaining-balance": "3.14159265",
      "message-price": "0.03330000",
      "network": "12345",
      "client-ref": "my-personal-reference",
      "account-ref": "customer1234"


Use whichever of the filter objects to filter the send sms data that is required. The API system delivers response in JSON file format and for programming languages such as; Javascript, Angular, JQuery, JAVA, R, C#, NodeJS, PHP, Python, Ruby, VueJS, Strest, Swift, Rust, Go and Scala there are software development kits accessible, now just ask for it and it should be sent by email quickly.

Sms API pricing

Trials and samples are free upon request, simply make contact and request it. You can get access to the sms marketing data and find out if it is indeed that which you are searching for. After trying the API, people can determine if they are ready to move on with the premium version.

Cost and price of API

Vonage data access is available anytime to purchase with documentation and constant provider support.
Price upon request

Free Trial

Free trial is available

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