Sms Delivery Receipt API

Vonage sms delivery receipt API for fetching the delivery status of an SMS you have sent with Vonage
This Vonage sms delivery receipt API outputs data for fetching the delivery status of an SMS you have sent with Vonage. It is usually intriguing to read about new projects which use this sms delivery receipt data, you can realise some business cases with the data but a few examples are; building SMS customer support, mobile app invites, two-way SMS for customer engagement, private SMS communication and receiving concatenated SMS. Programmers always realise new ways to use the data from the API and make something new. You may filter the API to get the output based on. Clients use the data within the sales and marketing, b2c marketing, b2c leads and e-commerce sector. Several examples of the type of business using it are , generally they could be small business, medium business and enterprises. This API covers global data.

Sms Delivery Receipt API endpoints

POST /webhooks/event
Send a data request through POST to the API endpoint, with the possible parameters such as in the example and receive the associated data as an output. Use the endpoint; /webhooks/event for fetching the delivery status of an SMS you have sent with Vonage with the sms receipt API. For the available objects and parameters, check the object and description table of the sms delivery receipt API which describes them. The API documentation works with all leading programming languages, simply attach the API key parameter to the data endpoint URL and set it up to your private API key to start receiving data. To apply for the data request, put the API endpoint in the browser.

Sms delivery receipt data filter parameters

See below the filtering methods applicable in relation to the sms delivery receipt data.


API object attributes for sms delivery receipt data

Generate an API call with the parameters applicable and make use of the table to clarify the objects with their description.
Objects Description
msisdn The number the message was sent to. Numbers are specified in E.164 format.
to The SenderID you set in from in your request.
network-code The Mobile Country Code Mobile Network Code (MCCMNC) of the carrier this phone number is registered with.
messageId The Vonage ID for this message.
price The cost of the message.
status A code that explains where the message is in the delivery process.
scts When the DLR was received from the carrier in the following format YYMMDDHHMM. For example, 2001011400 is at 2020-01-01 14:00
err-code The status of the request. Will be a non 0 value if there has been an error, or if the status is unknown.
api-key The API key that sent the SMS. This is useful when multiple accounts are sending webhooks to the same endpoint.
client-ref If the client-ref is set when the SMS is sent, it will be included in the delivery receipt.
message-timestamp The time when Vonage started to push this Delivery Receipt to your webhook endpoint.
timestamp A timestamp in Unix (seconds since the epoch) format.
nonce A random string to be used when calculating the signature.
sig The signature to enable verification of the source of this webhook.

Sms delivery receipt output response

Opt-in to the API to request the full response outputbut clients can already see part of the data output here.
  "msisdn": "447700900000",
  "to": "AcmeInc",
  "network-code": "12345",
  "messageId": "0A0000001234567B",
  "price": "0.03330000",
  "status": "delivered",
  "scts": "2001011400",
  "err-code": "0",
  "api-key": "abcd1234",
  "client-ref": "my-personal-reference",
  "message-timestamp": "2020-01-01 12:00:00 +0000",
  "timestamp": "1582650446",
  "nonce": "ec11dd3e-1e7f-4db5-9467-82b02cd223b9",
  "sig": "1A20E4E2069B609FDA6CECA9DE18D5CAFE99720DDB628BD6BE8B19942A336E1C"


The data output by the API can be requested as JSON file format and SDKs are available if required for all main programming languages such as; Javascript, Angular, JQuery, JAVA, R, C#, NodeJS, PHP, Python, Ruby, VueJS, Strest, Swift, Rust, Go and Scala. Simply filter the sms receipt API with the filter attributes and use the SDKs to build the platform.

Sms Delivery Receipt API pricing

Before you decide to buy data access you may request for trials and samples of the sms delivery receipt API. Contact to inquire into the test access and you will be able to work with the API. It will not be unlimited access but it will be sufficient to be able to test the API platform.

API cost and pricing

The API developed by Vonage is available with secure payment option and instant access.
Price upon request

Free Trial

Free trial is available

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