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Discover the full list of available endpoints on this page and proceed with the right preference for your business. Azavea provides leading Climate data via easy-to-integrate APIs for all data-infused products from the basic to the most advanced. Have immediate introduction to local and worldwide Climate data by Azavea for product developing and geospatial, weather, climate and environment market inquiries. Begin marketing your project powered by Azavea API’s data by Azavea and reliably focus on expanding your products.

GET:  /api/city/
City API by Azavea is here to offer extensive and necessary elements necessary to have in geospatial tech solutions, building city detail features for apps, websites, travel and aviation platforms and more fields. City API brings precise geospatial tech solutions, building city detail features for apps, websites, travel and aviation platforms and more data for creating mobile apps, websites, tools, programs, market analysis and much more.
City API

GET:  /api/climate-data/{city}/{scenario}/
Climate API serves Climate data to advance interactting with annual sets of raw projected temperature and precipitation data for any one location and scenario purposes to power up companies globally. Climate API by Azavea offers extensive and necessary elements needed for building geospatial tech solutions, climate analysis, and more fields.
Climate API

GET:  /api/city/{pk}/boundary/
The city boundaries API is the ideal tool to precisely receive Cities data to your product. City Boundaries API presents Cities databases to advance fetching the boundary of the specified city as a MultiPolygon GeoJson Feature objectives to reinforce companies globally.
City Boundaries API

GET:  /api/city/{pk}/map-cell/
City Map Cells API provides external data solutions to build data-oriented products for exposing the underlying grid point used for each city and dataset combination objectives. The city map cells API is the optimal data tool to precisely receive Cities data to your project.
City Map Cells API

GET:  /api/scenario/
Contact the Climate Scenarios API provider to start getting comprehensive data for describing the Representative Concentration Pathways (RCPs) defined by the fifth IPCC Assessment Report and similar objectives conveniently. Climate data via climate scenarios API offers necessary information to make sure you can develop on point apps, websites, and more.
Climate Scenarios API


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