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Integrate the APIs by CoinAPI to start engaging on your Cryptocurrency influenced products. CoinAPI offers influential APIs in .xml and .csv as well as HTTP RESTful formats with simple integration for Cryptocurrency data oriented projects. CoinAPI is the global Cryptocurrency data company that centers around data solutions to support developers of the finance, crypto and investment sectors. Select the high-rated endpoints of the data in the portfolio of CoinAPI and begin developing with top-class data.

GET:  /v1/exchangerate/
The cryptocurrency rates API is the top data tool to directly get Cryptocurrency data to your project. Cryptocurrency Rates API provides precise applications, website plugins, finance platforms, investment services, crypto analysis, machine learning projects and more data for advancing apps, websites, tools, software, market analysis and more.
Cryptocurrency Rates API

GET:  /v1/exchanges
This crypto exchange market API provides a massive volume of Cryptocurrency data with all the details you need. Crypto Exchange Market API offers external data solutions to create data-oriented products for integrating crypto market data functions.
Crypto Exchange Market API

GET:  /v1/orderbooks/
Crypto Order Book API proposes accurate applications, website plugins, finance platforms, investment services, crypto analysis, machine learning projects and more data for advancing mobile apps, online services, tools, software, market analysis and much more. This crypto order book API offers a huge amount of Cryptocurrency data including the entire details you require.
Crypto Order Book API


If you want to have trial access to the Cryptocurrency services before purchasing, there are trial and sample data sets accessible so get in contact and ask CoinAPI for the trial API connection. When customers have experimented a bit a bit with a bit with the data, you may decide if you want to buy full connection to the service. Cryptocurrency Rates API developed by CoinAPI is available monthly from $79 with secure payment option and immediate access.
Option Price
Monthly subscription From $79/month
Yearly subscription From $828/year
Variable pricing no

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Contact today with the possible buyers for CoinAPI finance, crypto and investment industry database and APIs and benefit from wide opportunities for making a sale. Check out the professional developers and firms that have shown interest in purchasing CoinAPI APIs.

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