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Crimeometer provides top-rated Crime data via strong APIs for all data products from the basic to the most complex. Learn more about the Crime data offers with the full elements necessary to develop flawless B2B and B2C products and market analysis. Crimeometer offers all-powerful APIs in as well as JSON formats with smooth developing for Crime data inclusive projects. Get instant access to the data prototypes or contact the provider right away for more info and useful links.

GET:  /v3/calls-for-service/raw-data
The 911 calls API is the ideal tool to directly fetch Crime data to your project. Contact the 911 Calls API provider to access precise data for requesting 911 calls for a specific location objectives conveniently.
911 Calls API

GET:  /v1/incidents/raw-data
The crime incidents API is the top tool to straightaway get Crime data to your project. Crime Incidents API returns accurate analyzing criminal incidents, building reports on national security, criminal activities or similar, displaying crime information on websites, applications, website plugins and more data for building apps, online services, tools, software, market inquiries and much more.
Crime Incidents API

GET:  /v2/incidents/stats
Crime Stats API ensures you get the best external data solutions to build products for requesting crime information including crime statistics and a safety quality index (SQI) for a specific location functions. Crime data via crime stats API output has all fitting details to make sure you can build on point online products.
Crime Stats API

GET:  /v3/sex-offenders/records
Get in touch with the Sex Offenders API provider to receive detailed data for requesting information on registered sex offenders across the US by name or zip code purposes easily. This sex offenders API includes a huge amount of Crime data with the full data details you require.
Sex Offenders API


Sex Offenders API developed by Crimeometer is accessible with 3D secure payment option and instant access to get data. Get in contact with the data provider to inquire into access to samples and trials of it so that you are able to work with the services of Crimeometer ahead of determining to purchase the full package access. The test access is not unlimited but will be able to provide you with a good idea of the complete system.
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