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APIs by Edamam offers full-coverage Nutrition data for your project to make sure you can reliably focus on managing projects. Nutrition related data offers precise data in as well as JSON formats available that are adaptable with all leading SDKs and script languages. Edamam provides top-rated Nutrition data via easy-to-integrate APIs for all data-infused projects from the basic to the most complicated. Explore all culinary, social media, food and grocery, restaurant and more sector data providers below and get in touch with the provider to start building your brand.

Nutrition Analysis API

POST:  /api/nutrition-details
Nutrition Analysis API provides data solutions to develop projects for fetching the nutritional information based on a POST request of the recipe content objectives. The nutrition analysis API is the top tool to precisely fetch Nutrition data to your product.
Nutrition Analysis API

Food Information API

GET:  /api/food-database/v2/parser
Food Information API by Edamam is here to offer quality and accurate elements required to have in culinary applications, websites and blogs, website plugins, product marketing and more use cases. Get connected to the Food Information API provider to receive precise data for searching for nutrition and diet information within Edamam’s Food Database and similar objectives right away.
Food Information API


The API by Edamam is available monthly from $49 with 3D secure payment option and instant authorization. Before you determine to purchase API access you are able to inquire into samples and trials of the Nutrition databases of Edamam. Contact and request for the test access and you can experiment with the data. It won’t be unlimited access but it will be enough to be able to check the system.
Option Price
Monthly subscription From $49/month
Variable pricing no

Free Trial

Free trial is available


Directly contact the projected shoppers of culinary, social media, food and grocery, restaurant and more sector data immediately and explore major sales opportunities. Find here several of the developers and companies that have shown an interest in Edamam APIs and various products.

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