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Explore the complete list of investment, forex and business sector data offers here and contact the provider to start developing your brand. Fixer offers dynamic APIs in as well as JSON formats available with seamless integration for Forex data oriented final products. Fixer provides credible Forex data via strong APIs for all data-oriented products from the basic to the most complex. Integrate the APIs by Fixer to start engaging on your Forex related B2B and B2C solutions.

GET:  /api/convert
Currency Conversion API provides Forex datasets for converting any amount from one currency to another goals to support businesses globally. Forex data via currency conversion API output provides all fitting types of data to make sure you can build advanced data products.
Currency Conversion API

GET:  /api/fluctuation
Get in touch with the Currency Fluctuation API provider to access comprehensive data for retrieving information about how currencies fluctuate on a day-to-day basis and similar purposes easily. This currency fluctuation API offers a huge volume of Forex data inclusive of the entire data details you require.
Currency Fluctuation API

This historical exchange rates API provides a gigantic volume of Forex data with the entire elements you need. Historical Exchange Rates API serves Forex data for getting historical currency rates starting from 1999 goals to reinforce companies globally.
Historical Exchange Rates API

GET:  /api/timeseries
Forex data via historical time-series exchange rates API returns required types of details to make sure you can develop advanced apps, websites, and more. Historical Time-series Exchange Rates API returns detailed applications, website plugins, business platforms, investment services, forex platforms, forex analysis, currency rate forecasting, machine learning projects and more data for building mobile apps, web services, tools, software, market inquiries and much more.
Historical Time-Series Exchange Rates API

GET:  /api/latest
Latest Exchange Rates API offers external data solutions to create data-oriented products for fetching real-time exchange rates objectives. This latest exchange rates API includes a massive volume of Forex data together with the entire elements you need.
Latest Exchange Rates API


Samples and trials access is freely available upon request, just make contact and request it. Clients should be able to access the Forex products and see if it is indeed that what you are seeking for. After trying the data, people can determine if they are ready to continue with the premium version. Fixer data is accessible with the price tag starting monthly from $14.99 with secure payment.
Option Price
Monthly subscription From $14.99/month
Variable pricing no

Free Trial

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Contact today with the prospect buyers for Fixer investment, forex and business industry data and benefit from broad opportunities for sales. See developers and firms from different countries that have interest in purchasing investment, forex and business sector data provided Fixer.

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