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People Data Labs is a Human Resources data and API provider that focuses on human resources, research, talent acquisition and similar external data products and solutions. Start integrating your project powered by People Data Labs API’s data by People Data Labs and solely focus on advancing your product portfolio. Request immediate access to the data samples or contact the data provider today for more info and useful links. Human Resources related data is here to provide precise data in as well as JSON formats which are compatible with all leading SDKs and script languages.

GET:  /v5/person/identify
The person identify API is the optimal data tool to precisely fetch Sales data to your project. Contact the Person Identify API provider to start receiving comprehensive data for identifying details on persons purposes right away.
Person Identify API

GET:  /v5/company/enrich/
Company data via company enrichment API offers required details to make sure you can develop excellent data products. Get in touch with the Company Enrichment API provider to start getting comprehensive data for getting a one-to-one company match objectives today.
Company Enrichment API

GET:  /v5/company/search/
Company data via company search API offers required types of data in order to build advanced online products. Company Search API proposes comprehensive building B2B sales and marketing strategies, research, business analysis and more data for building apps, online services, tools, programs, market analysis and much more.
Company Search API

GET:  /v5/job_title/enrich/
Job Title Enrichment API provides Human Resources data to develop enriching job titles purposes to advance businesses globally. This job title enrichment API includes a huge amount of Human Resources data inclusive of all the elements you want.
Job Title Enrichment API

GET:  /v5/skill/enrich/
Get connected to the Skill Enrichment API provider to access accurate data for enriching data on a skill by performing a one-to-one match of this skill purposes easily. The skill enrichment API is the ideal data tool to directly fetch Human Resources data to your client.
Skill Enrichment API


People Data Labs data access is ready to purchase monthly from $99 including API documentation and provider support. In the event that customers wish to get trial access to the Human Resources services before signing up, there are trial and sample datasets accessible so write an email and ask People Data Labs for the trial API access. After clients have worked a bit with with the API, you may decide if you wish to buy complete connection to the product.
Option Price
Monthly subscription From $99/month
Variable pricing no

Free Trial

Free trial is available


Discover more about the probable buyers for People Data Labs Human Resources data now and sell data to a wide clientele. Discover the brands and individual data professionals who are interested in buying Human Resources data by People Data Labs here.

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