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Ad Fraud related data provides thorough data in as well as JSON formats available which are adaptable with all leading SDKs. Research the top-rated endpoints of the data in the portfolio of Pixalate and begin developing with high-caliber data. APIs by Pixalate collects high-coverage Ad Fraud data for your business to make sure you can reliably focus on building projects. Pixalate is a credible provider for Ad Fraud database and APIs to build advanced data-influenced solutions and to enrich e-commerce, digital advertising, adtech, marketing and fraud detection projects.

GET:  /api/v2/fraud
Ad Fraud API brings precise ad fraud detection, ad fraud analysis, website plugins, advertising, adtech and more data for building iOS and Android apps, online services, tools, programs, market inquiries and much more. The ad fraud API is the ideal tool to directly receive Ad Fraud data to your API client.
Ad Fraud API


Ad Fraud API by Pixalate is accessible monthly from 99 with secure payment and instant access. In the event that you want to have trial access to the Ad Fraud services before paying, there are sample and trial datasets available so make contact and ask Pixalate for the test API access. After you have played a bit with with the API, you can decide if you want to buy full connection to the service.
Option Price
Monthly subscription From 99/month
Variable pricing no

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Free trial is available


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