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The Crime datasets provided in this category are overseen by our team for the confirmation of complience and satisfying integration. Choose among the most popular Crime data choices and start advancing your project, suitable with all popular SDKs and programming languages. Datasets under the Crime section are hand-selected for developers for developing providing statistics and numbers on criminal activities products that answer B2B and B2C solutions in reports criminal justice, crime investigation, public services, and national security industries.

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Crime Stats API provides external data solutions to create data-oriented products for requesting crime information including crime statistics and a safety quality index (SQI) for a specific location use cases. This crime stats API includes a massive volume of Crime data with the entire details you require.
Sex Offenders API provides Crime data to develop requesting information on registered sex offenders across the US by name or zip code goals to support businesses worldwide. The sex offenders API is the optimal data tool to straightaway fetch Crime data to your product.
Contact the 911 Calls API provider to receive comprehensive data for requesting 911 calls for a specific location objectives right away. The 911 calls API is the top data tool to directly fetch Crime data to your product.
Crime Incidents API by Crimeometer offers extensive and essential details necessary to have in analyzing criminal incidents, building reports on national security, criminal activities or similar, displaying crime information on websites, applications, website plugins and more fields. Crime Incidents API offers external data solutions to create data-oriented products for getting crime incidents data from a specific location objectives.