Frequently Asked Questions

Worldindata is a data marketplace where data providers and data buyers meet. Data providers can list their data products and APIs, and data buyers can request contact with them to ask about pricing, terms and conditions, documentation details, and more.


Currently, listing products or data provider profiles on Worldindata is free. However, we may switch to a paid plan in the future and will notify our users if this occurs.

Data buyers can request contact with data providers through our platform. This can be done by visiting the data providers list and clicking on the "Connect" button.


All! Data providers can list a wide variety of data products on Worldindata. There are no limits to the data types we list on our platform. We have an all-inclusive policy so everyone can find the data they are looking for.


Data providers can list their products on Worldindata by signing up and creating a profile on this link. Once their profile is created, they can add and manage their data products and APIs through their account or contact us if they want anything updated/changed.


We provide a direct hyperlink to data providers’ T&Cs on their websites, so new data buyers on Worldindata will always get to read the most recent T&C before requesting access.

The data providers own the rights to the data listed on Worldindata. Data buyers must agree to the data provider's terms and conditions before purchasing or accessing the data. Worldindata is not in any way owner of the data listed on the platform and simply aims to act as a bridge between data providers and data buyers.


Worldindata provides support to both data providers and data buyers through email.

Data buyers can request a refund by contacting the data provider directly through our platform. If the data provider agrees to a refund, the data buyer will be refunded according to the terms and conditions agreed upon at the time of purchase. It's important to note that refund policies may vary between data providers and the data buyer should review the terms and conditions before making a purchase.


The data providers provide documentation and technical support for the data products and APIs listed on Worldindata. Worldindata does not provide support for these. Data buyers should review the documentation and support options provided by the data provider before making a purchase and contact the data provider directly with any technical questions or issues.



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