Privacy & Personal Data Policy

This Privacy & Personal Data Policy is to inform you of our privacy and personal data processing practices that Worldindata (may be referred to as “us”, “we”, or “our”) use through the Worldindata website “” (“Website”) and the Services as defined in this Privacy & Personal Data Policy (“Policy”).

This policy explains the measures we take to keep these safe and comply with the applicable law, and to inform you of your rights about your privacy and the use of your personal data.

In this notice, you will find information about:

  • Where and to whom can your personal data be transferred to,
  • How you can keep your information up to date on our Website,
  • Measures we take to keep your privacy and personal data safe,
  • How we handle the changes in the policy and the applicable law,
  • How to act in case of misuse or unauthorized access to personal data.

What Personal Data Do We Collect?

How and Why Do We Collect It?

Personal data can be any information about you that may be used to identify you, such as your first or full name, email address, phone number, title, or similar. Providing personal data is not required to browse the Website. We use web analytics tools to analyze the traffic to our Website and visitor behavior but the information collected for this purpose is anonymous and cannot be linked with you. As a result, these are not your personal data. 

In this Policy, “Services” shall mean any services, and functions offered on our Website. These include displaying information on data services including such as databases, APIs, or similar data solutions and products, the searching and filtering feature for these, viewing other users’ reviews on these products as well as data providers and companies, giving reviews and ratings on these products as well as data providers and companies, creating user accounts, requesting support from Worldindata through contact forms, connecting Users and Data Providers via email in cases users request contact with a Data Provider or submit their interests in buying the data through Worldindata, and similar. To clarify, Worldindata aims to act as a bridge between Users and Data Providers to get them connected. For this aim, Worldindata may send Data Providers emails with the respective Users’ email visible to the Data Partners and their employees to get you connected. By agreeing to this Privacy & Data Policy, you agree and accept that your email may be transferred to the Data Providers you wish to connect through Worldindata, within the scope of the Services we provide.

We process the following personal data: name, company title, country, address, and email address through our Website. Our Website also allows posting reviews on the data products, data providers, or similar and uploading a profile picture for your account. Any information you may publish publicly in your reviews and the profile picture that contains information about you would also be your personal data.

We process your personal data:

  • To inform you of the changes in this Policy, our Terms and Conditions of service, or our practices that may affect you or require your permission,
  • To provide you with the Services and to improve or maintain the quality of the Services,
  • To answer your support requests,
  • To contact you for the promotion of our existing or future services or for marketing purposes (you may opt-out anytime),
  • To ensure personal data security and to avoid and prevent any unauthorized process, access, transfer, duplication, destruction, and alteration of it,
  • To contact you about matters arising from your use of the Services such as your reviews, data providers that wish to contact you, unauthorized access to your account, compliance with the Terms and Conditions, or similar,
  • To comply with our obligations arising from the applicable law and take the necessary measures to ensure we continue to do so if there are further changes in the law,
  • To comply with other legal obligations. Sometimes, courts or other authorities may require us to transfer and in other ways process your personal data for an ongoing investigation, lawsuit, or judicial proceeding. We are obliged to process the required personal data to the extent that we comply with these requirements. Likewise, in the case of our legitimate interest in protection against misuse or abuse of the Services or the use of our Website, we may transfer your personal data to courts or relevant authorities for protection against any wrongful acts against Worldindata,
  • To comply with our obligations arising from the Terms and Conditions of use.


We use cookies and Web Beacons on this Website. These are commonly used web tools that collect information to improve your browsing experience during your time on the Website. The information Cookies and Web Beacons collect are browser type, location of access, language, IP address (or the proxy server you use to access the World Wide Web), Internet service provider, mobile carrier, the pages you viewed, and the links on the Website you clicked as well as the timestamps of such views and clicks.  

This information is processed to run analytics to provide which countries and regions show interest in our Services and Website and how people navigate through our Website to ultimately improve the quality of our Services. Additionally, the data collected aims to save you time for the next time you visit the Website by remembering your information to the extent you allow these web tools to do so, so you do not have to submit them more than once when you visit our Website again.

Allowing Cookies to collect this information is completely optional and after you agree to it, it is possible to clear these Cookie logs anytime on your browser.

Advertisement platforms may use Cookies on our site. Worldindata does not have control over such Cookies collected by the advertisers.

Third-party Personal Data Transfers

We do not sell, trade, rent, or transfer your personal data to third parties. We care about the privacy of your personal data and will not subject these to expose you to unreliable marketers or companies. However, only if you opt-in, your non-personal data might be shared with common social network platforms and advertisement space providers such as Meta for the sole purpose of the personalization of your advertisements.

We may transfer and disclose your personal data with our partners or affiliates to the extent that this is necessary to duly provide the Services.

We may sometimes transfer and disclose your personal data to outsourced consultants to the extent that this is necessary to duly provide our Services. In this case, the transferred personal data will be limited to the purpose of the service we receive from such outsourced consultants and the security of these will be ensured with detailed non-disclosure agreements made by and between such consultants. These outsourced consultants can be accounting, legal, banking, insurance, audit, or cyber security professionals. We will only be transferring personal data to these outsourced consultants if it is necessary and only the necessary personal data.

How We Keep Your Personal Data Secure

We make sure to take all technical and administrative measures to keep your data safe. For this, we work with the most reliable server providers, train and encourage our staff on data protection and its importance and receive data security services from trusted professionals. This way, we aim to avoid any harm or loss to your personal data by means of unlawful access, destruction or alteration, accidents, and unlawful transfers that can happen in online and offline environments.

We keep our Website secure. Any data you submit on the Website is transmitted by complying with the encryption standards as you may confirm by checking the “https” certificate at our Website address.

In today’s world, no security measures can provide absolute 100% safety and security. As the owners of your own personal data, we kindly encourage you to set up optimal security settings on the devices that you access the Services and the Website. We encourage you to keep your passwords, or other personal data in secure environments, formats and places as Worldindata cannot be responsible for the unauthorized third parties that unlawfully access your personal data for this reason.


Worldindata is a company founded and registered in Europe. We also have and accept users and data providers from all over the world, including Europe. As a result, we are fully committed to complying with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and data owners’ rights arising from GDPR which is our leading source in determining our data processing practices.

GDPR, in detail, determines and explains how personal data must be collected, processed, and transferred by data controllers and how the data owners must be informed about these practices. If you have any questions, requests, concerns, or comments about how we practice our obligations from GDPR, or about your rights within it, feel free to contact us anytime.

GDPR grants all data owners;

  • The Right to Information
  • The Right of Access
  • The Right to Rectification
  • The Right to Erasure
  • The Right to Restriction of Processing
  • The Right to Data Portability
  • The Right to Object
  • The Right to Avoid Automated Decision-Making

You always have the right to withdraw your consent on the processing of your personal data by us as well as the right to request to permanently delete and destruct these and any copies of these. 

In case of any changes in your personal data, you are required to let us know of such changes or update this information through the Website. Worldindata cannot be held liable for damages that may arise as a result of out-of-date personal data.

If you believe the way we collect, process, and transfer your personal data infringes your rights within the GDPR, you may exercise your right to make a complaint to the relevant authority in the member state of your residence, workplace, or the place of the alleged infringement. You may view the contact details of data protection authorities at authorities/index_en.htm

Children’s Personal Data

Worldindata does not allow or knowingly process any personal data or information in relation to minors under the age of 16 and in no way knowingly provide the Services to them. You must be 16 or above to be sign-up as a user on our Website, publish any reviews or data products and solutions including but not limited to databases, APIs or similar.

External Links

You may find external links on Worldindata Website from time to time. These may be direct links or hyperlinks that lead to an external website once you click them. Worldindata cannot be held responsible for the content, information, or data security measures taken by external link owners. Please make sure you trust these external link owners before you leave our Website and enter these external websites.

International Personal Data Transfers

The data we collect through the Website or as we receive them from you when we provide you with the Services may sometimes be transferred to countries outside of the European Economic Area (“EEA”). We take all technical and administrative measures to ensure your data is transferred safely for international transfers. For example, we only work with trusted and certified server providers and cloud systems that transfer your data. We train and encourage our staff on GDPR and data processing methods regarding international transfers of personal data and the importance of this. Your complete rights arising from this Privacy and Personal Data Policy, the GDPR, and other applicable laws will still be valid for international transfers.


In case of material changes to this Privacy and Personal Data Policy, we will send you a notification via email that informs you of the changes. In case the new version requires your consent, we will ask you to agree to the new version of the Policy before this new version applies to you. Should you decide you do not wish to agree to the changes and would like to revoke your consent about us processing your personal data, we will stop processing your personal data. However, this may mean that we may no longer provide you with the Services wholly, partially, or as efficiently.

Consent to the Policy

You hereby agree to this Privacy and Personal Data Policy by visiting our Website or using the Services provided by Worldindata. If you have any questions about this Policy or requests about your personal data rights, please contact us at